another try

So here I am again.  I imported the few entries I had at my “new” site back over here.  I have other ideas for that domain.  We’ll see…

Life has been a whirlwind here lately.  It doesn’t help that I have been going to bed at mostly a decent time since we moved last fall, ha!  I’ve always been such a night owl but now with both kids in school and the fact that I’m getting older, keeping late nights was starting to kill me.  Going to try and get back to documenting some life here, I hope, after all, this site is now approaching its FOURTEENTH year.  How does that even happen!?

I’m not really sure why I’m here right now, haha.  One thing leads to another: checking email to another website, saw it has updates, start doing updates on other sites, yada yada yada.  I’m supposed to be editing a wedding right now.  I’m a little past my deadline now and need to get with it.  But I do have an appointment for the couple to view their photos next week so at least they’re not just hanging out there waiting.

When it comes to blogging these days, though, I think part of my problem is I’m more of a private person than I used to be.  Either that or just plain more goes on and I don’t feel like everyone possibly knowing.  But then again, the people that I feel like don’t need to know everything have probably forgotten about this place and if they haven’t, and are here, well then, Hi, guess you care more about me than I thought, hahaha.

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can’t keep up

I can’t really seem to get back to blogging again, certainly not like I used to.

So so so so much happens around here and I guess at the end of the day, I’m just tired, and there’s too much running during the day.

And because I’m stupid, I’m actually working on starting a second photography business, more specialized, so now I have that website to work on and I’m considering turning this domain into something else, the catch-all, I guess.

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So I totally plunged the big plunge and got my first iMac today.  Took them about 24 hours to get it to me, despite 2 day shipping.  That in itself is overwhelming, ha!

I’ve always been a hardcore Windows girl but my photography business demands differently now.

So far I love it.  I’m pretty familiar with iPad already so it’s not completely foreign and on one hand it’s very easy and on the other hand… not so much.

The thing I’m really struggling with right now is not having a taskbar to pull up what I’m doing and how I can pull up the program but not the actual program window.  Then file structure and accessing files is another thing.

So we shall see what we shall see.  I’ve made too big of an investment now to turn back around imo.  The screen itself is enough to make me stay and never want to look at my old laptop again.

By the way, anyone want to buy two Windows laptops and an iPad 2?  Yeah, new iPad Air is coming in a few days, I use that regularly but need more space!

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this is a post

it’s very random

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favorite customer

That’s me!


I was in Bread Co yesterday evening to meet a client for her print ordering session.  I always make sure I spend some money there when I meet someone at Bread Co.  So I’m at the counter in the middle of placing my order and the cashier interrupts me with:

“You’re my favorite customer.”

Huh, whut?

Of course, I said “what?” and laughed a little and he said, “you said ‘caramel,’ not ‘carmel.’  ‘Carmel’ sounds so… gross.”

Gave me a giggle.  I said, “well, it’s spelled ‘caramel’!”  Any time I order my caramel drinks there or at McDonald’s or wherever, they always repeat it back “carmel”!

This Grammar Nazi dies a little inside each time.  It might be noticeable if it weren’t for people around here saying “warsh” all the time, that has already deadened me.

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Apparently I have some anxiety issues.  My new class talking about and scheduling the three after-class get-togethers and already I’m trying to think of ways to get out of going, to avoid being around people.  Whut.  And, to be honest, I don’t even know why.  They are all perfectly lovely ladies.

Stop it!

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empty loss

Sometimes I just lay in bed and cry.  It hit me hard tonight.  Driving is very difficult at times, too, probably because, unless children are screaming, I’m left alone with my thoughts for 45 minutes.

I have to cry privately, it upsets the children.

I just miss her so much and my heart cries out for resolution.  Losing my other friend to cancer is different, we know where she went.  But we don’t know where she is.

And another friend said something to me yesterday that, at the time, didn’t register much, I guess.  But now, full meaning has arrived and I don’t know what to do with this information.

My brain is too full lately.  I don’t really have room for grief.  I push it away as long as I can get away with.

Today was a symbolic day of a year ago.  Rather, a year, one week, and six days ago.  We were all doing this same thing one year, one week, and six days ago and when we woke up the next morning we went about our day but soon the reality would come and change our lives forever.

I have so many things I want to tell her, so many things I want to ask her.

Oh God, please reveal the truth.  I’m not sure we can take any more of this.

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