we’re back

Well, we are back from Mississippi… we left on Friday the 20th and then got home last night, the 26th.
That’s the first time I’ve ever been away from home on Christmas Day. Since we were gone, we also had Christmas at my mom’s on the 19th.
We stayed with Steve’s uncle, where his grandma is also staying right now. We had a good time, mostly just hanging around and things like that. Especially since later around Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I wasn’t feeling too well. Was just very very tired and kinda sick to my stomach.
We did take his Grandma Christmas shopping on one day, so she could get some things. She ended up buying me a braclet/earring set – that was so sweet of her. We were going to go with her to see her sister and brother-in-law, but things never worked out as the weather got kinda cold and rainy later in the week, and she didn’t want to go out in that.
We came home to 10 inches of snow though… :)

Little Elijah or Caley got his/her first gift from Elizabeth last week as well, a good sized stuff dog.

no BSF

no BSF today – they will have to wait until January to find out about the baby – we are out for Christmas break.

Em is 1!

Em had her 1st birthday party today!
Of course, everyone had to say, “here, hold G – you need practice.”
hehe (G is just under 2 months old)

Also, I have made an appointment to go to that doctor that everyone’s been recommending (Dr. M), and they were able to get me in practically right away, but since we are leaving for Mississippi in less than a week, I made an appointment for the first of the year. (We’ll be back from MS the night of the 26th.)

from baby

Mommy and Daddy are getting very excited.
Mommy is not having morning sickness yet, thank goodness. She is nauseous quite a bit, but so far no throwing up. She also gets very dizzy at times. But she is taking prenatal vitamins and will be making an appointment with a doctor soon. Daddy is making plans to finish off the attic room sometime within the next nine months. This week, I am about the size of a penny and my poppy-seed-size heart has begun to beat.

Told ’em

Okay, the whole E family knows now.
Tonight we had our E Christmas at Uncle C’s.
I’d wrapped up two of the keychains and wrote on them “To: J, From: ?” and “To: T, From: ?” or something like that. Then I put them under the tree and told Uncle C that there was something really tiny (wherever it was) and that there was one for mom and one for dad, but they’re not supposed to know who it’s from, so just give it to them at the same time. He did.
So they got them and they opened them and they were just kinda, staring at them. And my mom’s like… “what???” And then she looks at me… and just keeps looking at me funny… all the while my dad is sitting across the room going, “what?” “What’s this?” “Who did this?” “what does this mean?” and hamming it up with Grandpa and V and everyone.
Finally, my mom’s like, “is this from you? …are you pregnant?” I’m all, duh, hehe. And everyone just like totally freaked out.
Then C shouted it from the rooftops for those who seem to be deaf. They all had suggestions for names, too. Grandpa D. just doesn’t want any “Buckwheats,” he says. They are all blown away that we’ve already chosen names, hehe. Elijah Henry for a boy or Caley Elaine for a girl. (Caley = kaal-ee, although not sure how I want to spell it.) V kept shouting that, whoo hoo she was getting a grandbaby named after her, but my mom was not, her middle name being Elaine.

But all in all it was pretty cool.

So then we told Steve’s family…
Now, I’m actually re-adding this entry on 3-16-04, so I can’t remember if we went over to Steve’s parent’s house that night after that gathering, or if it was a few nights later. *blush*
Anyway, we went over there and gave them their keychains too. They didn’t exactly get it – or if they did, they wouldn’t say. So Steve was like hey – duh! We asked Sarah if she understood… she was like, “yeah.” “Well what?” “Someone’s going to have a baby.” “Okay, who?” “I don’t know.” LOL.

All in all, everyone is really stinking excited.

And so far I’m lucky, no morning sickness. Just really really tired and sore in some -er- places.

Oh, but K and L were the first to find out (after Steve and J of course) – it kinda slipped out right before BSF this morning. They both about had heartattacks lol!