first doctor’s appointment

Today was my first doctor’s appointment, after BSF. Seems from here on out, all of my monthly appointments will be on the first Tuesday of the month. Until I start going bi-monthly, of course.
K went with me for support during the blood test. :-) I hate blood tests and anything having to do with needles. So I made her stand there with me and hold my hand hehe. They told me in the doctor’s office that they were going to take 3 tubes. The lied. The lab took 5 tubes. But at one point, I really thought I was going to pass out because no one was saying anything. I was like, “K! Talk to me!!” So she goes… “uh… how’s the weather?” lol
She was also with me at the appointment. They tried to hear the baby’s heartbeat – and surprise! They heard it! The doctor had said he didn’t know if it would pick up or not this early.
So all things are going good so far!!