2nd dr appt

Today was another dr. appt… I am starting to feel somewhat morning sickness… either that, or it’s just this sinus infection that’s totally kicking my butt… I have to take some medicine that I can’t be out in the sun with for some reason. Not exactly sure why, lol. Oh well, it’s just a few days. Some antibiotic or something.
The doctor said everything is going good, except that I’ve lost weight since I was in there last. So I’ve got a prescription to help with that; and after a little mess with the insurance company, we have that.
As far as the blood tests from last time, everything is normal. Cystic Fibrosis came back negative, not a carrier. So far, iron count is good and blood pressure is very good.
But the good news is that we only have to pay one co-payment for all the doctor visits. :-)
The doctor said we will have an ultrasound in 5 weeks.