it’s a boy!

Yup, they said 100% it’s a boy! Steve is ecstatic!!
They gave us three pics to take home, one says it’s a boy, the second is of his foot, and the third of his face!!
We have a little Elijah!!

Also, I also had my first hunter’s education class tonight with Sheila and Mitch. We haev another one on Thursday night and then all day Saturday, including the test. Wasn’t too bad, just gets really long…

another dr appt

They are a bit worried that I have been losing weight. I’ve been puking lately. So he perscribed me this medicine that I’m supposed to take if I feel queasy. Twenty-five freaking bucks. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but our perscription co-pay is supposed to be $8. At first the insurance didn’t want to give it to me at all, but I guess the pharmacy talked them into it. Steve asked the pharmacy people how much to just buy it and not deal with the insurance…. $550!!!!!!!! BLAH. What’s with the cost of medicine and all that crap these days!?
I have my first ultrasound in two weeks!