2 appointments this month

I have two appointments in April, there are 5 Tuesdays in April :)
Going good.
Still not looking forward to that blood glucose test.
Turned down the triple screen. I don’t think I need to be told there’s a whatever percent chance I’ll have a Downs baby. If it happens it happens. I’ll take it as it comes. The nurse looked at me kinda funny though when I said I’d already told the dr I wasn’t going to do it. Not like it’s required or anything.


Well, had the 2nd ultrasound tonight. I better understand what they were looking for, too.
Apparently, Elijah had some pee-pee in his kidneys the last time they did an ultrasound. This could mean one of two things. One was there was a kidney blockage. The second was that it just hadn’t moved from the kidneys to the bladder. Since there was no big dark area in his kidneys at this ultrasound, they determined that before it had been the second possibility. So everything is okay, and he will not have to get surgery after birth.
They also gave us a couple more photos. Another one of his face, too! It’s so wierd… well not necessarily weird, but yeah weird, to see his face in there – you usually see those profile pictures!
I have another doctor appointment in two weeks. I think after that one I start going every two weeks. I guess I never mentioned it before in here, but my due date is August 12, lol. I’m going to have to get that stupid blood glucose test soon blah.


Yikes, I went to the dr today and they said they want me to come in for another ultrasound in two weeks. Something about some possible kidney blockage, I don’t really understand, but the doctor says as of yet there is really nothing to worry about and this is probably just routine.
But other than that, everything is a-okay!