Elijah is finally asleep, and so I am going to write real quickly before I head to bed. I am beat. Last night we went to my cousin Rachel’s wedding reception. They were married three weeks ago in Vegas, so they had a reception for family back home. We enjoyed ourselves – it was great to see everyone – and I even learned more about Blackjack. :-) It was also nice to leave Elijah at Steve’s family’s house for a “night off.” That was the first time we have really left him anywhere. After the reception we had to go to Walmart to get some things for today. So we did not get home until after one, I believe.
Then I got up fairly early this morning and we got ready to head to see my great-grandmother. I love her to death, but I am not too fond of going there. She has Alzheimer’s and never remembers us. She was more responsive today than the last time I saw her, however. She said hi to us when we said hi and when my uncle asked her, “can you see the baby?” she said “yes.” So we took her picture with Elijah. I hope that in years to come he will treasure that – I mean, how many kids get to have their picture taken with their great-great-grandmother? Of course, I guess every year younger ones are made great-greats…
From there, we went to Elephant Rocks to eat lunch. I love that place, but not today. It seemed to have gotten colder from the time we left the house until then. And it kind of sprinkled rain a little bit here and there. Nothing too serious until after Steve and I left however. But I wished that I had brought a sweatshirt, I had a jacket but it’s just not the same sometimes. Could have stood to have a hat, too. Elijah wasn’t having too much fun there, I think at first he was cold, but then later I think he was bored. We had him bundled up in so much crap it was so funny. And he had his little hat with the long ties on – I love that hat – wish I had one for me. :-) So when everyone else went to walk the trail, we decided to go, it was just too cold and we didn’t want Elijah sick (or me, miss-I-don’t-seem-to-have-an-immune-system lol).
From there, we drove back to Pilot Knob and looked at Fort Davidson. As many times as I’ve been through PK, I’ve never been to the fort. So we took a quick look at it and drove around a little bit then headed home.
Tonight we change the clocks!! Yay!!!
Well gonna go now cause I am getting really tired…. :-)