I guess I should start thinking of cool titles so that there is something to link from lol

Everyone stay away from my stuff on EBay. Lol – that’s all I have to say about that. Don’t outbid me or I’ll get ya!!

So I just set up Sheila one of these things, she should be writing her own first entry right about now. The address is http://younwhagirl.com/blog/ – we named it freakish findings. hehe [EDIT 07/04: she’s now at her own domain, and it’s called gibberish :) [/EDIT]

Steve’s up there with Elijah, who is also currently known as mr-crabby-butt, so I won’t be able to probably spend too much time here now. Plus I’m hungry so I gots to go get something to eat!

Went to church tonight – Elijah was a really good boy there, I was totally surprised. He made everyone laugh during invitational because he burped really loud during the song. After church and my meeting, I went over to the Rec Center to talk to Paul. Looks like we will be going along with the scavenger hunt on Friday after the Harvest Festival. We won’t, however, be going along for laser tag. It’s over the river in ILL and they won’t be back to Festus until around 7am. Since we have to be back in ILL by 9am, it’s just not a good idea. But Paul says he welcomes help with the youth, so there will be plenty of time for me to do something like that. :-)

Well I guess I’m gonna go eat ’cause I’m really hungry!!