Wow has Elijah been crabby today! Well, he started out okay, but after he refused to take a nap this afternoon he became increasingly crabby. Maybe he is cutting teeth or going through a growth spurt, who knows. But we do know that he does not have a fever, and he does seem to be eating more today than usual. So needless to say, I have not gotten much done today. Now he’s up there sleeping on the couch next to Steve who is watching the WWE. I was in there for a while, but I can only stand so much of that crap, hehe.
Okay my computer just beeped… and I can’t figure out why the heck for…. hmmm
I am reading an article about how yes homeschoolers are socialized. Duh. Been there, done that, knew it already. lol
Well tomorrow is my cousin R’s wedding reception. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone – haven’t seen most of them since the beginning of August, some since the end of August. Several have been asking about Elijah, so they will be happy to see how big he is now. When I saw them early August, he was only 2 weeks old and only like 6 or 6.5 lbs. Now he is probably double that!
Then Saturday we will be going to see my great-grandmother – I think I already mentioned that? Okay old news then.
Sunday is the baby dedication – mentioned that already, too.
Oh – so I’ve been doing some bidding on Ebay these last few days. Found this really cool “old” book that I really wanted, contained some sketches of and stories about Ste. Genevieve & her old buildings. But this jerk went in and out bid me – his bid was literally 45 seconds before the auction closed. I checked my mail and saw I’d been outbid and went to remedy it and found it was closed – I was so mad. So I was bidding on a similar book (only it doesn’t have sketches) but it has become too rich for my blood. I think it ends here in an hour or so. But I do have winning bids so far for a Ste. Genevieve old postcard and for the Zeus expansion pack, Poseidon. :-) Hey a girl has a right to play a good game every now and then. I’ve got Ste. Genevieve saved in search so it emails me every time something comes up with those words as keywords – maybe I can get a good collection of old postcards. There were several last week, but I did not bid on any of them. Should have. Grrrr.
Well anyway I guess I could go now. I hear Elijah up there and Steve will probably be yelling for me in a minute!!

Well my computer is up

Well my computer is up and running again, but it is taking me forever to get everything reinstalled, redownloaded, etc. It drives me crazy to have to do this yet again. I’ve even had to download my websites because I’ve made a lot of changes to them since my last computer backup, two months ago! So once I get this thing back to where it should be, I will back it up again. Let’s just hope it doesn’t crash before then!!

I took Elijah to get his photos taken today. These would be his three month photos. We went to Walmart ’cause they’re cheap- it kinda adds up when you do it every month. So we are getting a ton of photos for a small price, and it’s a pretty good one too, he’s actually somewhat smiling. And then for another $10 I got them all on disk. That’s a pretty good deal, considering if I wanted to get a 8×10 (or similar sheet) of every photo besides the two we’re already getting, it would cost me another $100. They do the package for cheap, but after that ever sheet is $20 a piece. So on disk, I at least get one of each. The only problem is the shots on my disk are screwed up – they’re really whitewashed. So I called back and she said that they’ve been having problems and that they will get me another disk. She said that they got a bad batch of disks (floppies) and that’s the problem – I don’t think that’s right – the disk works, it’s just the pictures are whitewashed. All I can say is that the photos better not come back that way!!
Anyway other than that my day has not been too eventful…

Well I did call the church and talk to P about helping with the website… and set up our baby dedication for this Sunday (we’re way behind in this)… also found out that someone, who must have been stalking it, registered my grandpa’s website after it fully expired before we could get it back. Ticks me off, too because now it’s just a page of links. It’s like they were waiting for it to fully expire so they could buy it, which is what I was doing. They registered it on SATURDAY!! Blah. But all I have to say is that I tried my hardest, and losing the domain in the first place was not my fault. I told them from the beginning to change the contact info to them from me, and when I was getting the “your domain is going to expire in n days” emails, I forwarded them all to them. So this is not my fault. If it’s not my fault… Why do I feel so bad about this? Oh well, hopefully they will figure out something to do instead.

I guess Saturday I will be going down to see Grandma J at the Home with everyone else. Then we’ll be going to Elephant Rocks. I love that place. :-) It will be so neat to get Elijah’s picture with Grandma J – she is his great-great-grandmother!! I don’t know if Steve will be going with me or not, he had some plans in the works, so he has yet to decide which to do.
Okay, well I guess I am going to go to bed now, because Elijah’s been asleep for an hour now, so I guess he’s not going to wake up. A lot of times, I lay him down and he’s up again in 10 or 15 or 30 minutes; you never can tell. But he’s been doing real well since Saturday night, once he gets to sleep, he’s actually been sleeping through the night. Actually, these last two mornings, I’ve had to wake him up and feed him, because it’s been like 8 and nearly 10 hours that he’s been asleep! It was like he turned 3 months and the light switch went on telling him to sleep through! So I hope it stays this way – I’m getting the best sleep I have had since before I ever got pregnant! hehe.

I am so mad

Once again, and I am so mad, my computer has crashed. I was just minding my own business last night, checking my email, when I started getting some errors and it locked up. So I restarted, no big deal, right? Well then it will not restart, not even in safe mode can I get this computer to come on. So I tried everything. Even scan disk and virus checks locked up. Finally, late into the night, I got the virus check finished – no viruses. And the checker is up to date, too, it updates itself every week. I ended up reformatting it, but that is not working right either. When I run scandisk, it’s showing at least two bad clusters – one of which it says runs the Windows System folder. So I’m screwed I guess. I wonder if this has anything to do with when the power went out last week. I was on the computer at the time and the lights started flashing and appliances humming until they finally went out. Now that I think about it, I think it’s been acting pretty funny since then. And I haven’t really used it that much since then either, I don’t think.
But what really makes me mad is that the other day I took a few minutes to back up all my folders in Outlook and downloaded all the backups to my websites but I didn’t yet get to put them on a cd like I usually do every month. My last backup cds are dated 8-6. So ARG that means I lost a ton of stuff. I’m hoping that most things I can get back however. But there are some website favorites I needed and I found some Ste. Genevieve stuff for my website that is now gone and I can’t get it back (long story) and of course all emails are now gone. Ironic thing is, the week before last, I forwarded all emails I wanted to save out of my Yahoo account onto my Outlook. The idea was from there to always have a back-up on cd. Which I guess I would have had if I were not an idiot. So all that is gone now. Emails I have saved for years that I needed, important ones concerning my website, etc. I only have now what I had gotten in the last 7 days from Saturday on my PocketPC, it doesn’t even contain the ones I had just collected before the computer crashed, the PPC didn’t have time to sync with the computer. So anyone out there who has emailed me since, say, Friday, please do so again. Either account is fine, I can collect holifieldweb through Yahoo.
But I am thinking that this computer is shot. I want a new one anyway. Someone out there want to give me some money for a new one? (Please?) lol. *sigh*

Well, so far today… We

Well, so far today…
We went to church – went to Sunday School, then during church, we were in the tv/radio control room. It looks like I will be ‘training’ to be a substitue director/editor. I am beginning to remember stuff, but there’s still a lot I need to learn yet. When I worked in the tv station, I mostly did set-up and camera work. The linear editing equipment was one of the things that I was going to learn next, but it never happened. So I guess now it will be the thing I learn next. I have also talked to PK about helping out with the church website – he said to call P sometime this week. I also need to call her about the baby dedication… I will probably call her on Tuesday.
While I was standing there watching the guys edit, Steve came up with Elijah and said that Karebear had to talk to me “NOW.” So I left and the thought running through my mind was “oh no, someone died.” When I talked to her, I realized that was true. A friend of ours just lost her baby after about 10 weeks of pregnancy. And she’s pretty devastated from what I hear. So as I sit here and write & give the baby a bottle, I want to cry. I want to talk to her, but I don’t know what to say yet. So I am thinking very seriously about this.
Anyway I guess I’d better go now, need to start getting ready to head back to church. Tonight we are hearing the guy who is up for the Associate Pastor’s position again and after service we will vote on him.

It’s actually Sunday

It’s actually Sunday, but it’s still Saturday to me. Gina, Sheila, and Elizabeth are still here, watching a movie (well actually I think Elizabeth’s asleep), but I can’t sit still so I thought I’d come check my mail and drop a note in here. I’m scanning Elijah’s 2 month photo to send to J before she signs offline. Ah, but she can’t get files via IM, so I gues I will have to email it. That sucks. Why can I send files via AIM but AOL users can’t get them? What is the point in that? But when I get a chance, maybe Monday, I will post that photo on the website. I just don’t feel like taking the time to do it now.
Anyway – Elijah is still stuffy, I think I might take him to the doctor Monday so that this doesn’t turn into something worse than it has to be. But he’s actually sleeping now, so that is good (he’s been pretty crabby all week it seems). Gina and Sheila (maybe Elizabeth since she’s already asleep?) are going to be staying the night tonight, so maybe I just make them take care of him when he wakes up in the middle of the night? hehe
Well they are laughing at the movie up there, so I better go see what is going on! Besides, I forgot what else I was going to write! :-) Maybe tomorrow!!!