coming to a close

Yes, 2003 is coming to a close… :-)
I’m sitting here now, basically waiting for E to wake up. He’s been in bed since 11:30 last night! I can’t believe how long he’s been sleeping at night. I’ve actually been able to eat and shower already this morning, and do some laundry, hehe.
Last night I helped Sarah with a webpage, she’d been wanting to do one. So everyone should go sign her guestbook. is the address. I did the typing, etc, but she told me what to do. :-)
Um, had to go to the dr yesterday. Got some medicine I have to take for the next week. 14 pills on that, twice a day; then another one was just one pill. Guess which was more expensive? Lol. No generic for the one. Oh well. Almost walked out of Walmart without paying for something, again. Ha, the last time it was a pair of gloves, and they’d gotten under my coat in the cart and when we started to head out, I put my coat on and found them. So we gave them to the cashier and I just bought some later. Same thing this time only it was the leave-in conditioner I was getting. I broke another comb/pick on my wet hair the other day, so I decided it was time for a detangeler of sorts. I think that makes 4 now I’ve broken. Well, it’s not beyond use, but it’s missing several “teeth.” Same with the other one I have. :-)
Started E with some baby food last night as well. Some sweet potatoes. The formula’s just not cutting it anymore, he’s eating a ton and we’ve gone through and extra gallon of liquid and one can of powder this month. We’re on a 2nd extra powder can. It’s crazy. So someone suggested to go ahead and start him on that because he doesn’t seem to like the baby cereal. He did like those better and ate quite a bit last night.
Arg, I have to go downtown and pay our year end taxes today. Didn’t get there in time yesterday… I hate doing that because I have to drag E along and it’s in and out of the car with that stupid car seat thing. And with my back, that’s not always easy. I had another back spasm the other day at mom’s – this was one of those that renders you useless for a few minutes. Blah.
Tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve. We’re not doing anything special, but I’ve invited over our families. I know Steve’s family is coming, well at least Mary and the girls and then Jim after he gets off work at 11 (yeah, rotation schedule sucks), I don’t know about Chris and Jon – knowing them they won’t be here though. Then I also invited my family, but my mom and dad were going to go out, so she said she’d talk to him and see if they wanted to go out another time or not. So they may or may not be here. Regardless, I told everyone to come after supper and we will have snacks. I’m not cooking lol :-D Maybe I would have if I’d had more notice, but we just invited them all on Sunday.
Um…. the side of the crib had to go up to it’s highest position… Yesterday E rolled on his stomach and was looking over the edge of the crib and through the bars where he’d pulled down the bumper. It was quite funny and I took pictures of him. Earlier around 8:15am, I thought he was awake but when I went in there he was asleep on his stomach (he sleeps on his back, hates his stomach, and back is better protection against SIDS) with his face in the bumper breathing real heavily. I moved him away from the bumper so he could breathe better, but left him on his stomach. I’m surprised he’s still sleeping on it an hour and a half later.
Anyway – later!

what a week

What a week I’ve had…
This is quick for now, I may post more later.
Had such a week that we slept right through the alarm and didn’t get up for church this morning. I hate it when that happens. Even Elijah didn’t wake me up when he usually does, but about 4 hours later. Another reason I didn’t get up in time. Steve even slept past noon – I don’t think that has ever happened before.
Been working on the layout of this thing – what do you think? No, I didn’t do it all myself *blush* – but I’ve had to totally edit over what was given me. I still have more to do, but can’t finish right now.
Anyway, going to go get ready to head for church tonight. I guess I’m going alone?? *sniff*

See ya next year, Christmas

Well, Christmas is over… well, almost. I still have another family gathering on the 27th, tomorrow.
Um, just a quick low-down, cause I’m extremely tired.

24th – went to candelight service at church, G sang “O Holy Night” in it. I’m so proud of her, she has such a beautiful voice. Then from there we went to China Buffet for dinner. Funny thing, I’ve never eaten “out” on Christmas Eve like that before. I had to change E’s diaper on the nasty bathroom floor because there was no changing table and let me just say that he HAD to be changed. So I laid him on a blanket, it was the best I could do. The food wasn’t that great, I would have preferred Lam’s, but it was good.
Then we went to mom and dad’s for more “stuff.” R got us a hermit crab. I love him. :-) Already today we went out and spent like $42 on him hehe. M got me a pillow and a battery powered massager, G got me some pajama pants, M2 got both of us some black and white film and three matching picture frames, Mom and Dad got Steve some kind of saw thing and me an electric gridle and Elijah got a giant snowman (R), toy turtle that he absolutely loves (G & M), some outfits etc (Mom and Dad). I also got some nice earrings and a camera tripod. Steve got Toby Keith’s new cd and he wants to listen to it constantly. I think there’s more, but I’m so tired I can’t think.

25th – we stayed home. I cleaned lol.

26th – we left E with Sheila and went shopping for some things we really needed. Since Steve got an extra big check this week because of the prevailing wage and got to pick it up early because of Christmas, we decided this was appropriate. That’s how we spent so much on the hermit crab. He needed a whole new habitat. The one he came with was pretty dang small. So now he has a 10 gallon acquarium to himself, hehe. Next week I plan to get another one though, I read that they live in colonies in the wild.
Steve ended up getting two pairs of jeans, a pair of boots, some socks, and various piddly things and I went for two pairs of shoes (buy one get one half off, hehe, much needed), socks, jacket/coat (considered my present from Grandpa and V, since it’s the giftcard from them that bought it), some Victoria’s Secret.
The coat – it’s jean with what Sheila calls dog hair on the collar and wrists, I can’t remember the breed she said right now… It was over half off and when I went in, I didn’t know what to get with my gift card and I saw that coat, and they actually had one in my size, so I went for it. I like it. :-) Then the VS – I’d swipped this coupon thing from my mom from the gift from G&V that she’d gotten and if I spent $45 I got $10 off and a free gift. So yeah we did that. I spent $36-something and got over $70 worth of stuff, so that was cool.

Um, I am working on a new cool layout for this thing. Well, not totally my idea, but hey, I still gotta make it work hehe.

Um anyway, enough boring you….
Gonna go now cause I am beat and have yet another big day tomorrow. Hopefully after the 1st, things will calm down for a while. No, let’s make that after the 3rd, after L’s baby shower…. ah, no the 10th, after I have that thingy here at the house… no, the 17th after Wired starts back up. Arg.


Burr, it’s cold in here – but it was warm today, warmer than I ever remember a December being this close to Christmas.
Went to my Uncle’s tonight for De. family Christmas. Had fun. Aunt J is still sick and feeling bad. :( Met C’s new guy, he seems cool. Saw the gang from CO. Will see the rest of the gang again tomorrow at the Easter gathering.
Did not mention yesterday – a woman that used to go to our church several years ago and worked with the youth – her husband died from a heart attack the other night. A big blow, he wasn’t very old at all, and the last time I saw him did not look at all like someone you would expect to have a heart attack. I guess you never know. I bought a card today to send, now I just have to figure out what to say.
Took E’s 5 mo pictures today.
I think a certain friend is avoiding me for some reason…
Very tired, going to bed, have a lot to do tomorrow, too.