squish squash

Don’t ask me what that means.
I’m getting a headache. :(
I can’t remember what I did today.
Well, I did order a 2nd phone line, to be dedicated to the internet only. Almost went for the DSL, but decided we just can’t afford it right now. One of these days. Will be paying about what we normally do, however, because we’re switching companies, too.
It snowed today. This house is friggin cold all the time. The stove is hot down there, but it’s not helping. Crap.
I still didn’t get the kitchen cleaned up like I promised myself I would today. Blah.
Talked to Lettie & Kris…
I think I’m gonna buy a knife… and carry it in my purse… so that if I ever get searched by the police I’ll go to jail lol. I wonder what the blade limit for pocket knives is in Missouri…??


Bulldog died today… or yesterday… or the day before…. we’re not sure… either way, he stunk. lol. I guess when hermit crabs die, they’re not so noticable. I had just been watching him because he hadn’t been moving, and I didn’t know if he was just cold or something. Finally Steve picked him up and checked him out. So yeah, now we are down to two.
I’m tired…. Had an okay night. Sat around, watched The 6th Day. I hadn’t seen it before – good movie. Of course, I like Arnold.
btw – new layout… good… eh?
Anyway, I’m off to bed – yay!

pining away

Is that how you spell that?
I’m pining away for my bed… but the baby won’t go to sleeeeeeep!!
I mean it’s stinking 12:27am and he’s still wide awake in his bed in there. He even finished off TWO WHOLE jars of 2nd stage baby food already. That’s a new record. Hopefully he will be getting tired really soon.
I was bored like this last night, I had to wait for Steve’s laundry to dry in the drier. I woulda just gone to bed and left it, but the timer broke the other day so it will hang with 45 minutes left until you stop it. So I had to sit up and wait. I coulda posted I guess, but I played dominoes instead. :)
Bored Bored Bored Bored.
So bored in fact that I’m actually working on a new layout. Hehe. Already.
I need a job. :P


See the bird, flying away?
Anyway, been a semi-boring day.
Does not feel like Sunday.
Did not go to church because it was icing when we got up, and pretty much all day.
So we just hung around here.
Steve braved the ice to get groceries, but they were closed because of the weather too. :P

Jan 24 – Ps 84:11 No good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.


It’s after 1:30am and FINALLY Elijah is asleep. Steve’s about dead on the couch, too. I’m heading to bed after this…
Today, dr appointment – left Elijah at home, Sheila watched him for me. Appointment went smoothly and as expected. Had to buy $34 in medicine though arg. Stupid health insurance costs keep going up. This is the third time in about the past month for this too. (Although I didn’t go to the dr for the first.) If I get it again, I may have to do some special camera check-up thing. I hope not.
Came home then… wanted to walk to the pharmacy, it would only be about 1.2 mile round trip, but didn’t have enough time.
Went up to mall to see Erin, but she’d left an hour earlier. Oh – ended up not seeing her the other day, her purse was stolen the day before and so she was out getting new license, etc, taking care of things.
Bought Lijah a limbo Elmo at Babies R Us for $10 in the clearance aisle. :) That thing is cute. Elijah is greatly pleased with it, although he liked better the Tigger that plays the cymbols. He wouldn’t let it go when I went to put it back on the shelf…
Went to Walmart. Walmart the store I hate going in actually wasn’t half bad this time.
Maybe getting my hair cut with Elizabeth tomorrow. Need a trim BADLY. Would like to have layers again, too, maybe. Can’t decide cause I don’t want to not be able to put it up.
Anyway, see yas.