100th entry

My 100th entry! lol

Well we went to see the Passion of the Christ last night. All I can say is GOOD MOVIE. Very biblically/historically correct, very spellbinding, very good production – just Very Good. Words cannot describe what I felt during the movie and afterward, and even now. However, I am planning on writing something up on this movie, it’s just not done yet. But even if you are not a Christian, this is still a very good movie. I suggest you go see it, before you judge.
More later


Just a little annoyed tonight. So I go over to a friend’s house to help her get her website set up. I get back at 11. Steve’s all mad because he wants to be in bed and Elijah was apparently grumpy. He’s mad because he didn’t get to unload the wood out of his truck yet. He’s all, “I can’t get anything done while I have to take care of him.” And so I’m like duh, now you know what I go through every day! “It’s not the same.” Bu-ull.
Oh well.
So now I am waiting for E to go to sleep so I can go to bed. I have yet another doctor appointment in the morning and so I’m not going to be able to go back to sleep after Steve leaves for work. Blah.
Mortgage is due in a couple of days, another blah. I have a feeling this is going to be another week of no money. :( Oh well.

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I am excited

about Saturday. We are going to go with our church to see The Passion of the Christ. The more I see and hear about this movie – the more excited I get about Saturday. I know it’s not going to be fun or entertaining, but I am excited nonetheless. After we see it, I plan to review it, so stay tuned.

Today was a better day than yesterday. Elijah’s better mood made up for yesterday, he’s been in a good mood almost all day. Except for when he got his picture taken lol. I’ll post those in a minute, we got the photo disk again. Next month he goes for the Easter pictures with baby chicks, real ones, for his 8 months.
I can’t find the baby diary pages I had from when I was pregnant. I guess I deleted them good. Gonna have to look and see if the IA Archiver has em. But I think I told them to bug off….. ?


Two things are driving me crazy today… well, three, I guess:

1. Elijah has been so stinking crabby for like the last four days. He’s in a good mood for like the first hour he’s up and then the day goes to pot. Up until a half an hour ago, I had been holding him for two hours straight, rocking him, and he would not sleep. I finally laid him down – I think he’s cried himself to sleep. I’ll have to go check.

2. My guestbook. Can’t seem to get rid of the horizontal scrollbar. (Click sign) It’s driving me nuts. I must be missing something totally simple there. Anyone out there care to help? It’s Megabook.

3. The church website. The stupid host, old company, will not transfer our domain and it’s starting to get on my nerves. Well, it has been on my nerves. The site was down for a couple of weeks or more until today- but it’s up under .com, we usually use .org. I just bought .com the other day because I was sick of this. When everything’s set up, I’ll make .com point to .org. But in the meantime…. GRRRR

Oh, I guess there’s….
4. I think I still have that stupid infection. I know this is gross and you prolly don’t wanna hear it, but this is driving me crazy as well, and where else can I write about this? I’m sick of this. I want it to go away. So it’s not caused by diabetes, good. Now what is causing it? GO AWAY!!!!!!!!

Did nothing. Then went to A & C’s for supper. Yum yum turkey. Then helped A register their church’s site with CP, too. If the people all list me, that will give me 3 referrals under my belt. Of course I don’t think they actually do anything for that lol. And what belt?

Steve worked. Elijah and I stayed home because we both felt like crap. Forgot to mention that we felt like crap on Saturday, too. I’ve got a cold, which thankfuklly is now dissapating and he’s got a perpertually runny nose (teething or cold? teething or cold? hmmmm) and like I mentioned eariler is really stinking crabby.

Didn’t get mucha nuttin done due to the church’s website. Been messing around with that. I worked on a new layout to only realize it looks like crap in 1024×768. Dunno what to do now. And of course, in the evenings, I don’t do anything anyway lol. Work is for daytime. I guess if I’m doing a website for someone else…. that constitutes as work… right??