I am excited

about Saturday. We are going to go with our church to see The Passion of the Christ. The more I see and hear about this movie – the more excited I get about Saturday. I know it’s not going to be fun or entertaining, but I am excited nonetheless. After we see it, I plan to review it, so stay tuned.

Today was a better day than yesterday. Elijah’s better mood made up for yesterday, he’s been in a good mood almost all day. Except for when he got his picture taken lol. I’ll post those in a minute, we got the photo disk again. Next month he goes for the Easter pictures with baby chicks, real ones, for his 8 months.
I can’t find the baby diary pages I had from when I was pregnant. I guess I deleted them good. Gonna have to look and see if the IA Archiver has em. But I think I told them to bug off….. ?