So I can’t sleep right now, due to reasons I dun’t wanna discuss.
I’m tired though, I may go back upstairs in a minute.

Today [Friday] the satellite guy came. He actually came early, 2 1/2 hours early, that’s probably a first for installation guys lol. He hooked us up pretty quickly… After looking in the basement and saying,
“So, your husband’s an electrician?”
“Couldn’t tell.”
I knew he said that because our wiring down there is old and… well, messy. It drives Steve crazy, but we haven’t had the time or money to change out the service yet. It’s gonna take him $$ for a new panel and stuff and a day off work (unless we want to be without electricity all weekend because the company will have to shut off power for him to do this. So he would have to take a day off, have them shut off the power inthe morning, work all day, and make sure they get it back on before they close in the early evening).
I told Steve what the guy said and he laughed and said something about working on everyone else’s houses but not his own.
So now my life is no longer VHS, DVD, CD only, but now includes regular tv again and HBO. :-) Although we’re not sure why we have that, I guess it’s a promo or something, probably won’t last long.
But this is good. There is an MXC marathon coming on on Monday. :-D

What else?
Um… went to Walmart and did crap. Got Elijah’s new carseat. Hope this works out well. Though he’s really heavy and hard to carry in it, we’ll no longer have the baby carrier to carry him around in, or put on the shopping carts.
Steve wants to buy a new tv. There is a 31 inch for sale for just under $200. We’re thinking maybe lay-away might be good for that. We never did it until this carseat and it worked out great. For those of you who don’t know, our tv of 3.5 years died in January. It was a rather large, old tv that was in one of it’s own set-ups, so we didn’t need a console. Now we have our “upstairs” tv down here and it’s smaller and needs a console. So it’s sitting on the “coffee table.” The coffee table is actually a no-cedar chest. I guess it works out, cause now there’s more room in the middle of the room and if Elijah ever starts crawling, he won’t bump into that chest… hopefully. So that’s my messed-up house.

Anyway, here I am babbling on about nothing. I guess if I’m gonna be up I might as well go work on something productive….

2 good newses

Actually, three….
1. Elijah’s head is definitely a-okay. I was finally able to talk to a nurse and she said everything was fine. I had assumed so though…
2. Me: no diabetes!! However, now we must figure out what the problem is
3. Mom: no cancer! She’s got some cysts, but the doctors aren’t worried about them.

So, aside from my busted foot, which is keeping me from walking normal and getting much of anything done where I have to be walking or standing, today has been a good day.
I think Elijah’s got a cold, but he’s not bad, just a pretty stuffy/runny nose. He screams every time I try to wipe it though lol.

We went up and saw K and the baby tonight. The baby looks like K!! She’s so cute. K is having a rather hard time getting her to nurse, but they will be fine in a few days, I’m sure. It sounds like Em is taking the baby very well so far.

Been working on a photo gallery tonight. Downloaded a script from a site, and it’s really nice but simple. Only the creator doesn’t include any instructions at all, so I’ve been figuring it out on my own. :-) It’s in php. I’m not sure if I’m going to use it yet, though. I was just thinking about it. Maybe starting some kind of gallery. I also had some ideas earlier on things I wanted to add to this site, but dummy me didn’t write them down, and like everything else lately, I’ve forgotten.

Well I must go to bed now. I have been putting it off, even though Elijah went to bed rather early, because it’s hard for me to get up and down the stairs right now. My foot/ankle/shin are just totally “killing” me. Oh well.


Looks like I REALLY did something to my ankle.
Last night, Steve asked me how it was. I said:
“It still hurts, but a few more hours off of it and I should be fine.”
Wrong. Dead Wrong.
This morning I got up to fix his lunch before he went to work and I can hardly walk on it, it can’t support my weight without great pain.
GRRRRR. This is the same foot on which I had a fracture the end of August 2002. I was out of martial arts for 2 months. And just recently, the pain has stopped on days before rain comes.
This is not good. I have so much stuff to do – only half this house looks decent. I want the whole house, at least the downstairs, looking decent before the satellite guy comes tomorrow. Maybe if I ask real nice, after Sheila’s math, she’ll sweep for me. That’s the big thing to do, really. Steve brings in TONS of mud and dirt everyday. X-P
N-e-way. I think Elijah’s up…. gg

ups and downs

Today has been a wild mixture of ups and downs.
First I want to say, I thank God for people who show you they really and truly care about you – you know who you are…. thank you :-)
Anyway, first today was my blood test… I got up later than I had wanted to – I was sleeping like I was absolutely dead. So I didn’t get a shower until Sheila got here. So I got ready and we headed up there. But I realized I forgot the paper I needed for the test, so we turned around, a few miles out of town. We headed up there again. I got to the lab and signed in. They called my name and did my paperwork – as soon as I was done with that they were all, “okay, let’s go.” I was like, “wait, don’t I have to drink something?” And she said, “Nope, it just says fasting glucose.” I’m thinking, well duh. But whatever. I got Elijah and Sheila and we all went back. I sat Elijah, still in his seat, close to me and talked to him while they did my blood. It helped, even if he did totally ignore me while he chewed on his toy. They only took one tube, and this time I didn’t really feel faint. I remember the first time I ever had this done, just over a year ago, my initial pregnancy blood tests – they took 5 tubes and I thought I was seriously going to pass out. The lab lady said they’ll have the results in the morning, so I guess I’ll call the Dr’s office sometime tomorrow.
So that was all done with – finally – we headed outside and I remembered that Kris was supposed to be induced at 6. I called Aarron’s cell phone and he said that they actually didn’t start the pitossin (sp?) until 10, because they were really busy with many many pregnant women. So she wasn’t very far along then. I went up there and saw her for a few minutes. Elijah and Sheila stayed in the waiting room. Several times I’m like, “Kris, breathe.” You could just tell she wasn’t. So Abby V. was staying with Emily and she had talked to Aarron on the phone and said that Emily refused to come out of her room or get out of bed and screamed when she tried to get her to do so (Emily is 2). So I promised them that I would go by there on my way home and check things out.
From the hospital we went to The Gamerz Edge. Guess what they had? Yup, they had two original nintendos. It kinda went like this…
“How many original nintendo systems do you have?”
“We have two.”
“Do they go pretty fast here?”
“Yes, they go VERY fast.”
“I’ll take it.”
Hehe. He then proceeds to tell me that I get two controllers, the gun, original Mario Bro/Duck Hunt game, and can pick out two other games. As he’s doing this, another women walked in – she bought the other one after we were done. :-) I figured that if I didn’t get it now, I never would. It was $44.95 and of course, not on EBay, so no shipping costs. Elizabeth and I are still head bidders on one system, but we’re hoping that someone bids us out before it ends tomorrow afternoon. But she said that if we win it, she’ll buy that one. We’d rather each have our own anyway.
So we headed to Kris/Aarron’s and I was able to coax Emily out of bed, change her diaper, get her dressed, and get her warmed up to Abby. She knows Abby, I think she just got freaked out when Mommy wasn’t there when she woke up and it blew her whole routine. So then we left there….
We headed back to Sheila’s where we proceeded to play Nintendo all day like a bunch of kids. LOL. The thing’s a bit tricky to work sometimes, but for the most part it’s good. Just don’t walk by it too fast. :-) It has a 30 day warrenty though, too.
Steve came out and got some wood, played some Duck Hunt, then went home to get a fire started and get ready for bed. So I was leaving later and I carried everything out to the car – my purse, the diaper bag, the nintendo, games, etc. I was walking back to get Elijah, who was in his seat in the house, and I was taking a step with my left foot, so my right had all my weight. My right ankle suddenly went out, it was like it diappeared or something. I fell forward and hit my shin on the concrete step on the porch. I’m just lucky that I didn’t hit my head on the door, or the threshold. That woulda really hurt. Of course, my ankle twisting and hitting my shin on concrete wasn’t exactly fun either. I yelled out in pain, not that I meant to, and my mother-in-law came outside, I’m sitting there rubbing my shin, a bruise was already showing up. I could hardly walk inside. Grr. It was so wierd though, that’s never happened to me before. Guess I’m just getting old or something.
Then tonight while sitting around home, Chris called me. It was very nice to hear from her. :)
Well tomorrow we plan on going and seeing Kris and the baby in the evening. During the day I’m going to to Sheila’s math – she moved it from Tues to Thurs, said that works better for her. And I guess I’ll be doing my best to get the rest of this house cleaned. Looks like we’re getting satellite. I really don’t think we can afford it, but Steve really wants it, so okay. Some guy is coming Friday to do the installation. I would prefer Steve to do it, especially since he won’t be home when this guy comes, but whatever. I guess in the long run it will be better than only VHSs and DVDs and CDs. I’m already getting sick of the stuff we have. :-D
Okay, this is long enough – good night :-)
[sign out 1:13am]

well tomorrow

I go for my test. GRR. Kris is not going with me anymore. She has decided to have her labor be induced at 6:00am before our Dr goes on vacation. So it’s just me. I’m going to take Sheila and Elijah with me, but if they go into the lab with me I don’t know yet. I hate the lab. The people like never smile and it’s uncomfortable – as if it’s not bad enough getting crap done to you, you have to endure that, too. And of course, I get to drink that nasty sugary crap and then sit for an hour + dreading the next moment.
Anyway, I’m gonna do something here and then go to bed. I guess I need my sleep to get tomorrow over with.