Anyway, a normal entry now.
Last night got me thinking about my fears. And in the process of putting them behind me, I’ve written them down. I’m going to put those on the “the girl” page, so be looking for that hopefully by the end of today.
Elizabeth is coming over today to do her webpage for her mythology class. Just like what I did when I was in there. :-) She’s going to use FrontPage though, so I’m not going to help her, except to host her and show her how to use FP and the FTP program.
Elijah’s getting upset now, best go see what’s up.

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oh yeah + annoyed

Forgot to mention, I got a new hermit crab the other day :-)
Yeah, I know, I’m weird.
He’s a pretty feisty one, hopefully he’ll last longer than Bulldog did. I think I’m gonna name him Mr. Krabs. Well, since I really don’t know if it’s a he or a she I thought I might make #3 a she. But then I figure… I’m already out numbered in this house, might as well make it unanimous. lol

Um… got Elijah’s pics taken today, but they weren’t with live baby chicks.
So I go in there and sit down, because we’re early and there’s no one at the desk. She comes in, “can I help you?” “We had an appointment for 1:00.” “What’s your name?” I had to tell her twice, then she’s got this funny look on her face, and I’m all “… for the live baby chicks picture…” (Duh.) She’s like, “Those were cancelled three or four weeks ago.” She proceeds to tell me that they called everyone and cancelled. I’m like, well duh, no one called me, I didn’t drive 60+ miles because I’m that stupid. I told her I had CallerID, and no one called (like while I was gone or anything) and she says, “well we called everyone.” Like what – I’m lying to her or something? How rude.
But we got his pictures taken anyway with fake baby chicks and rabbits. I did not order that much – actually after coupons and the fact that we’re in the portrait club and all of that I really spent less than $10. I would have gotten another sheet if I hadn’t forgotten that I was getting one free, though. So I got smilesbywire again, and will post when I get them, although that could take two weeks.
I’m really considering going to the other studio next time though, even if I have to drive a less familiar route. It’s really funny, I’m actually preferring Walmart to JCPenny’s.

Then we walked over and saw Erin for a few minutes.
Then we went to my mom’s. I stopped at Burger King on the way there cause it was already like 2:00 and I hadn’t had anything to eat all day. So I think, hey I’ll get something a little bit healthier this time and go for the grilled chicken. Stupid people gave me something that was shaped funny and had been breaded and fried and looked like it came from the school cafeteria (tasted that way, too) and was so freaking messy it messed up my shirt. Of course I didn’t notice this until I was too far away to do anything about it. And of course mom notices my messed shirt right away. But she gave me one to wear.
So I went to the college and turned in my papers they wanted and then went and talked to Carrie for a while.
I am just waiting now for them to run those papers and then they will send me a letter telling me if I get anything, or whatever.

Came home then.
Went to the library for a “meeting” thing for a local committee that does genealogical stuff. See, we have a festival thingy every year in August, and it’s actually pretty popular – people come from world-over to it. And every year they honor two pioneer families, one French and one German, and make a book of that family’s history and genealogy, etc. This year, I am descended from the French family. They are connected to the one they did in 1997 from which I am descended. That was funny that year, my family was the French one and Steve’s the German – but we didn’t know each other then!
So anyway, then I came home to a silly boy who stood himself up in his crib again, but then proceeded to hit his top gums on the crib bar. Poor little guy. But we are wondering if he’s actually going to walk before he crawls…. hmmm

Friday and into Saturday

Well, it’s still Friday to me…

I’ve been “working” a lot these past few days with that family tree script for hw. I say working because I’m not really doing all the work, the developer is, of course, but I have been messing with it a lot. I am doing beta testing for him and also messing around to do things that I want it to do for me. Not necessarily things anyone else would want, but I do. I have a list of 19 things sitting here next to me that I need to do about it. So that has been taking up a lot of my “online time.”

But I’ve decided that I need to better learn PHP and MySQL. All of that script is immersed in those. The class I want to take, I think it deals mostly with HTML. I don’t know if I’m going to be too advanced for the “Intro” class, but I’ll start there anyway. So I figure I need to get some books on PHP and MySQL. Had a look for some tonight – neither Sam’s nor Walden’s had anything at all pertaining to those. So I’ll be hitting again in a few minutes.

Well we were supposed to go to our friend’s house for a get-together, a Lewis and Clark thing, but it’s been postponed, again, because of rain. So I’m not sure what’s up for tomorrow anymore. Obviously, we are not at Logan Valley :( I really wanted to go, but I guess if it was going to rain all the time, it’s okay. Tournament is tomorrow too, but I don’t think we’ll be going. We had these other plans, and I don’t think Steve wants to go and sit there all day again.

Sunday is Steve’s birthday. We are supposed to go over to my mom’s after church.

Someone called us tonight while we were gone – it’s not a number, nor area code, that I recognize. As far as I can tell, from Google, it’s an area code from Ontario, Canada. Hmmmm… I don’t know anyone in Canada…