oh forgot

Wow blogging has gotten away from me today!! The four times almost does apply to it. LOL

Okay, now I’m audi – gotta get ready for Springfield. Ah my little vacation away from everything, or nearly everything.
Maybe this will refresh me.
See you all either tomorrow night or Sunday afternoon sometime, etc.


What is my problem?
I feel as if I’m in a daze – my mind is in a bog. I think of things, I desire things that I should not, that I probably don’t even truly want.
I want to stay, I want to fly, I want to stay, I want to fly – I know I want to stay. Why am I thinking of flying?

Sometimes I think I have an anxiety disorder, and maybe adult ADD.


Quick Rundown
Friday morning: 3.30am – we left the house
Friday afternoon: 1.30-2.00pm – we arrived in Laurel, MS
Saturday – hung out with Steve’s family, some from Columbia, MS came down and we had a bbq
Sunday – went to the coast (Biloxi Beach)
Monday – did you know they have a Confederate Memorial Day? Got screwed over, lol
Tuesday – had break fast with Steve’s grandma, then headed home. Arrived home about 8.30pm

Because we were going to be leaving about 3 am, I decided to just stay up and then sleep in the car. I figured that if I went to bed (because I knew Elijah wouldn’t go to bed until after 11) that I would be dead and may not even get up at 3. By the time Steve woke up and we got Elijah ready and piled into the car, it was almost 3:30. The trip is about 9 hours, or else is has been before, it took us 10 this time. Not sure why it took longer, maybe because it rained through most of Missouri, all of Arkansas and Tennessee; and because of Elijah.
So I guess it was around 1:30 or 2 that we finally got to our hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Laurel. Steve kept complaining about it, but I thought it was nice. Don’t know what his problem was, he’s the one who chose it. We had a king size bed. Sweet. There was an outdoor pool, but we never got a chance to go swimming.
So after we settled in, I showered and stuff, then we went over to see his Grandma. She was there by herself and we took her out to dinner later that evening. We went to the same place we went when we took her out in May 2001 (we didn’t get a chance to go out when we went in Dec 2002) – some wonderful little seafood place that was absolutely packed. It’s sooooo good there. Did I mention that my diet went to pot this week? I tried not to, but it was so hard, especially when at that restaurant, you break it down, there was not a thing I was supposed to be eating. And plus, I’m not going to tell someone who is cooking for me, no I can’t eat that, especially when it’s great food. So anyway. At that place we all had the catfish and it comes to you with its tail still on. I started laughing about the tail still being there and I think Steve’s grandmother misunderstood me because she proceeded to tell me that they had tails so that they could swim through the water – lol – either that or she was making a joke and she’s like Steve, can’t tell if she’s joking or not.
So then we went back to the house and his aunt was there by that time, she works two jobs so she wasn’t around too much. Same with her daughter, his cousin, she has college and works, so we didn’t see her too much either, even less than her mom.

Got up and headed back out to see his grandma. We ended up just chilling there all day. That day was the day I would have preferred to go to the coast because it was such a beautiful day. But Steve didn’t want to drive down there (1.5-2 hrs) after driving all day the day before (even though I drove the last part of coming down).
But it all worked out – one of his uncles and his wife ended up coming down and we had a bbq. His aunt ended up getting called in for work, so she wasn’t even there until late again. But it was fun. We did do some errands with her before she left and ran all around town. I found this Mango soda in the grocery store. I thought, cool, I have to try it. It wasn’t bad, just different. lol

We got ready and went out to the coast, we got started later than planned but that was okay.
So from Laurel, we stopped in Hattiesburg at Sam’s and got a case of bottled water, and Steve found some shoes he bought. Elijah wanted the portable dvd player, but we had to say no.
Then we headed on down, arriving in Gulfport. We took the costal highway East to Biloxi and had lunch there at this seafood place. It was pretty good, but the waitress was sooooooooo freaking annoying. It was like, can you beg for tips any more?
Then we went into this shop called Surf Style and bought a few things. We went in there because they had a sign that said beach towels 3 for $10. Steve and I don’t have any, we didn’t have any towels with us that day period, so I thought cool. Ended up with no towels lol. I opted instead for these bamboo wind chimes. Let me tell you, I have been looking for a long time for bamboo chimes like I want, at a decent price. Usually they are either major expensive or are too small. These were just right. I love the sounds of bamboo chimes! I want to move to Hawaii, lol. Steve bought some stupid gun lighter hehe. And we wanted, or well I wanted, to get Elijah a souvinere. Steve picked him out this glass dolphin that said Biloxi Beach, etc. I said how much? He tells me $2, so I’m like okay. I picked out E a weird looking sand dollar (the first time we went we got everyone a little sea souvinere, so I wanted to get E one. Steve’s got a dried blowfish, lol, and I’ve got a sea biscuit, no it’s not a horse, we also have a starfish, sand dollar, and sea horse). Also got a picture frame with the intent of putting into it a photo of the three of us on the beach. So we get up to pay and the lady tells me $40.07 I think it was. I’m all thinking this was strange, but I paid with the debit, then I saw the receipt. And we had to stand there while she figured out what was $11.99. Finally we figure it out – it was that blasted glass dolphin! We didn’t return it or anything, but Steve was like I could have sworn it was $2. The way I figure it, either he was in a hurry and thought the tag said $1.99 or he picked up another one that someone had stuck a wrong tag on, then picked out one he liked. Either way he felt really stupid & really so did I. But when he handed it to me and I asked how much, I really didn’t pay attention, or I would have said ‘$2? no way.’ Lol anyway – so I hope Elijah enjoys it.
Did I mention that it was rainy weather all Sunday?
So we never did go swimming, it was too cold. Elijah started to get grumpy and fell asleep in between the store and where we stopped on the beach, so by the time we got down there and we just stuck his feet in, he wasn’t happy about it and so Steve just carried him. We waded along the coastline down to an end where it ends due to a casio and then back. There were a lot of people out, there were some boat races going on. So Steve enjoyed that. We took lots of pictures – mostly I was just snapping them of S&E as they watched the boats go by. Although I did try some shots of the boats and helicopters that were taping them.
So then we cleaned up and headed back, ordered Dominoe’s delivered to our room. And then we called his grandma to say we were back only to find out that she’d made supper for us… grrrrr.

Our plan for Monday was to go to Waynesboro, in Wayne Co. I wanted to do this last time we were down, but Steve wouldn’t let me. This time, his grandma brought it up (on Friday or Saturday) and mentioned that she would like to go down. She ended up saying she wasn’t feeling well enough so we went. Now, Waynesboro is no wonderful town, just a little place, but the reason I wanted to go was to go to the courthouse and get some marriage records and such of Steve’s ancestors. I don’t talk about it so much on this site, but I like to do genealogy research. Well, as I asked earlier – did you know that the south has a Confederate Memorial Day? Yup, the courthouse was closed. So was the library. GRRR I was so ticked off. I mean, AGH! We went all the way down there just to go to Fred’s? lol. It’s not a LONG drive, but still. So we went back to Laurel and checked on their library, they have a genealogy room I want to go in – every time I’m down there though, it’s closed. Yup, Monday is their closed day. BLAH! I spit on you Mississippi. Don’t they know they lost? lol Naw, really, it’s not that bad. I can probably sweet talk someone on the internet and get the Wayne Co records, but I hate doing that.
Oh but one good thing came out of it. Steve’s grandma had given us his grandpa’s military records that he had (WWII) and we stopped at Office Depot and copied them. I’m scanning them in now. Steve’s dad had sent me with a form he had partially filled out that she needed to sign for him to send off and get his dad’s records. She signed it, and then went and found the other records too. He’s still going to send off and see what he gets. I want/need to do this for my grandpa. Both our grandpas were in the South Pacific, heck, they may have even run into one another (lol). My gpa went into Japan after the surrender and helped get our guys out of their camps. Something neat my grandmother once told me. But I don’t guess he talked about it a lot. ANYWAY, so I am scanning those now.
Also at Office Depot I saw a Pocket PC I decided I would like to upgrade to ;-) Steve won’t let me though. But it was on sale for less than I paid for mine and it has a built in modem and keyboard. Got an office chair (finally) that was onsale… see, you always come home with more than you left….
Also, I had gotten on Kasey’s (his cousin) computer for a bit to check out where we would be going for Waynesboro. The only thing I really found out though was that she must have several thousand viruses and adware applications. She does not have a virus checker (!!!). I cleaned it up as much as I could, but then told them they’d better buy Norton and install it soon. Hopefully it will not have to be reformatted.

We got up earlier this day, although not early enough. We got ready and packed stuff into the car. I had taken care of it the night before and we were going to pack all of it up then except for what we would need in the morning, but Steve got – er, distracted – and never did. Elijah actually slept through the night Monday night, too. That was one of our biggest problems in going down there- he never wanted to take a nap and he was hard to get to sleep at night, when he finally did sleep, he woke up several times during the night. The first night he was up for an hour and a half, from like 4:30-6am. So then we checked out, had our hotel breakfast, then went over to say good-bye to his grandma. She made us breakfast. lol. It was okay though, after the hotel breakfast even, we were still hungry. So we ate and then left. We would have liked his grandma to come back with us, but she said she doesn’t feel well enough. :(
So we left Laurel about 10:30am and arrived home around 8:30pm.
I fell asleep after about 45 minutes or so. I slept all the way through Jackson, MS. We did not get to see Vanessa, either (she goes to college in Jackson) :( – she was probably in class at that time anyway though.
We stopped in Memphis because I BEGGED. We got off at Elvis Presley Blvd and went to Graceland, only took Elijah’s picture sitting on the wall though. I wanted to do in front of the gates, but Steve was too paranoid about the sign that read: “No Parking or Standing Anytime.” Then I BEGGED again and so we stopped at my favorite store in the whole world, an Elvis shop. I bought a set of four buttons and a keychain, nothing special, but hey. Elijah got a guitar rattle. That thing is so cute & he loves it. It says Shake, Rattle, and Roll on it lol I can’t find a picture of it in the online Elvis store though… blah.
Memphis was torture though. After the store we needed to get gas anyway, and Steve said it smelled like Elijah had pootie. So we went to an Exxon. I’m standing waiting because I think someone’s already in the bathroom, and there’s a changing table sticker on the door. Finally someone says to me, uh the only one that’s working is the men’s. I tell him that I only need a changing table and he says okay and I guess goes to get the keys. But then he comes back and says, uh they took all of those out, there’s not one in there. GR. So I go outside and Steve tells me to talk over to the Taco Bell and check in there, right next store. So I walk over there – no table. This was the third place, there wasn’t one in the Elvis store either. So finally we had to clear things out of the car and change him there on my pillow. Steve was further annoyed with the gas station when he found out he had to pay in advance for gas, not too much of a big deal, because we used the debit card like we’d been doing. But then his receipt was printed out inside so he had to go back in for it and they made him wait for a while. Then the traffic was horrendous. So finally we got out of there.
We stopped in Cape Girardeau for some supper. Another diet blower.
Finally we got home. Steve’s family came over not long after we got there and I gave his dad his papers, and worked out the Springfield details with Elizabeth.

Today is considered my off-day. I don’t plan on doing much of anything but chilling out, and maybe some more unpacking, although I’m already half done at least. It looks like I’ve got a lot of website work to be done on stegenevieve.net though. And I need to scan E’s pictures.
One of my doctors called while I was gone so I called back today. She told me that I have GroupB Strep. Some of you may know what that is. I don’t really, but I have to get more medicine. (I was in there Friday afternoon for the usual thing and I ended up spending over $30 in meds that day, plus the $20 co pay. GRRRRR)
Elijah is having trouble getting back into his schedule. He’s supposed to be taking a nap up there, but instead is screaming.

I’s right here

Well we are back!!
I have a lot to write about, and plan on doing that tomorrow; but I am tired and going to bed now.
So will tell all tomorrow!! :-)