Memorial Day

2004: Just a Baby Today was a good day.

First we slept late, then Steve left earlier than I did (last night before he went to come home his truck wouldn’t start and I had already left so he brought home his parent’s car and needed to get back out there and fix his truck). When Elijah took his first nap, I took a shower and got ready to go. Then I sat around and waited for him to wake up.
When he got up I changed his diaper and we headed out to Steve’s parents’ house.

The girls and I chilled out inside with Elijah for a while, his parents were in and out, and the guys were all messing around with vehicles.

Later we went outside and all three piled into the hammock with Eiljah.

2004: Sarah & Elijah 2004: Lounging Around

We all ate supper – some good bbq – and chilled out some more. I finished off that roll of black and white film, so I hope to get the other day’s pictures all developed soon. Elijah got crabby so we went inside and finally got him to take a nap. Sarah put on The Master of Disguise at some point and we all watched that.

After he woke up, we again went outside, it was getting dark by this time, and again piled into the hammock.
As we all lay there being silly and swinging back and forth, the parents played some old Oakridge Boys cds and it was so nice outside. Getting chilly, but was nice. And I just thought, this is it – just chilling out with the family on a nice day, this is great.

This is what life is.

2004: Elijah

We got too cold and I didn’t want to make Elijah sicker so we came back inside and Sarah put on Chicago that I’d brought over. Everyone ended up in there for a while at some point.

I installed our friend As a blog on spoken-for. I know I said no more hostees, but she’s our friend and won’t take up a lot of space.

When Chicago finished, Elijah and I headed home. He was so tired that he didn’t wake up between the car and his bed.
I am wired. Too much Mountain Dew for me tonight!!


Well today was wierd…
It started out normal enough. Because Elijah was sick, Steve stayed home with him, we didn’t want to get other kids at church sick, too.
I went to Sunday School alone (which I hate doing) and left a few minutes early to get to the tv room. Services went over as normal as could be and I stayed behind to learn more about editing. We were running as okay on time for that as possible considering services went about 15 minutes later than normal and there was a lot of editing to do this time. I left there about 1.30 when all B had to do was just layoff the final copy for the 2nd station we send our tapes to.
I went over to Walmart and got some baby food, diapers, cards (Jon’s birthday, Steve for anniversary & father’s day) and a big teddy bear for V. I drove thru Arby’s (hadn’t eaten all day) and headed out to V’s graduation party.
V is my good friend, she was a fellow homeschooler and we’ve been friends since I was in 10th grade, if not earlier. She’s a year younger than and behind me and she got her Bachelor’s degree in some performing arts thing this year. I got out there and was the only one I knew besides her and her parents. It was quite wierd considering I was a half an hour late and I expected to see the whole gang. The only ones that ended up showing up were T and her sister N. But the four of us had a great time catching up.
The party was due to get out at 4:30 and it was about 4:20 when Steve said, LEAVE NOW on the phone. Bad storms heading my way (tornadic).
I am never listening to him again.
It was horrible, the drive home!
Just outside of Hillsboro and a tree branch falls almost right in front of me on the road, lucky it was in the other lane. Then there were some people off in a 10 foot ditch.
I got to Festus and it was even worse. I got on Hwy 55 South and all I could see was grey – we were going like 40mph but I couldn’t see anything hardly at all. I started to hyperventilate.
All along, I’d been saying to myself, the peace that passes all understanding, the peace that passes all understanding, etc, trying to calm myself down.
I am good at rain and storm driving, I am. But this was bad, the worst ever.
So I got off the highway almost immediately and took 67 N almost immediately getting on 61 S. It was just as bad, I had to stop in front of the hospital and calm myself down again.
I started off again slowly behind another car and things miracuously cleared up enough for me to get back on 55 at the next Festus/61 exit.
It got bad again later, but never as bad as it had been in Festus.
I was very not-calm the whole time, but one of the things I kept thinking about was, ‘heck, if a tornado comes, I got my camera right here baby!’
But when it cleared up very nicely closer to home, that’s when I started to get mad. T’s mom had called her and told her to ‘stay put’ while my husband sent me out into the storm.
I got to Steve’s parents – my hands were purple and my muscles ached from holding on to the steering wheel so tightly.
Then I yelled at Steve. I think I scared Jon. Of course, all he could do was complain that his race wasn’t on due to weather announcements. Yes, I know that moron of a weather guy never shuts up, but please.
I felt better later though, after the IBuprophen kicked in.
We did our 40 Days and hung out a bit before I went home a bit earlier than I normally would have.

Get this

Okay, so you know how my sound card was screwed up?
I have been gone all day today and Steve left and then later it stormed and so the computer was plugged in. So when I got back about a half an hour ago, I figured I’d better start it up and make sure it is okay.
It is better than okay. My sound card is working!!
Wonder what the deal is!?


I just killed a silverfish on my wall!!
I HATE silverfish!!!

In other news today…

In other news today that is not computers….

Elijah is sick. He’s had a cold for a couple of days, since that first tornado night. But today he just would not take a nap all day and when he finally goes to sleep, he keeps waking up coughing. So I’ve got some Hawaiian music playing up there for him (he loves it, stops crying when I put it on) and I guess he’s finally asleep good now.

Did the pictures with Sheila, Sarah, Elizabeth, and J today. I think some, especially some of Jenny, will turn out absolutely awesome. I don’t know how the martial arts ones will turn out, we ran into some problems there, but the plain clothes ones oughta be pretty dang good. So I hope to get those developed very soon. Just need to finish off the black and white roll then send ’em all in.

Then after all of that, we met up with M, who is in town from Indiana and her sister and two guys that came in with them. I can’t believe their mom actually let them drive all the way here with only two guys! I wouldn’t, lol. So the girls changed back into normal clothes and we went over to meet them at Subway. The three ended up leaving M with us there and going of who-knows-where. I took all of them to show M and J that house I wanted to get, back in Nov. Then we drove to the park where the other three were. M was showing us some pictures and those guys were being total jerks. They wouldn’t come out of the van and her sister said they wanted to go home to IN NOW. I thought, how immature, they were being so ridiculous. But then what do you expect out of 16/17 year old guys?

So we came back and the five of us watched The Last Samurai, the one with Tom Cruise in it. From what I saw it is a pretty good movie, but I had to miss parts here and there because of Elijah and had to get bills paid and such. But it was still pretty easy to follow and I think it was pretty good. J’s all, I’ve got to buy that one! lol

So now I am sitting here saving some of those pictures and talking to Jared….

Tomorrow I think I will be going to church alone (we don’t want to take E and have him get other kids sick) and then I will be learning some more editing and then I guess I will be going out alone to my friend V’s graduation party. I still have yet to get her a present. Dunno what. But she can wait, lol.

It is actually 1 am now, my legs ache… I need sleep…