Well tonight is the 2nd night my brother-in-law (C) has been in the hospital.

Steve got sick last week, about Tuesday, and he was around C then. Well, C was sick… Friday? I guess was when it all started. He had a sore throat and thought that he had strep. Steve thought that he had strep as well, but his was gone after a few days. Well anyway, yesterday, Monday, C goes to the doctor, I guess because he can’t stand it anymore. That was at 11:15am. He came by here about 1:00pm and had spots in both his arms where they’d taken blood. He said that they thought he had a heart disease or something and that he had to be back over there at 1:30, possibly going to the hospital.

My mother-in-law happened to be here at that time (because she was dropping Sheila off), so he left his truck and she took him over. My father-in-law met them over there, and I had Sarah, Sheila, and Elizabeth (who came by later) here. They came back later and said that he had to go stay in the hospital that night. So he went home to shower and then his parents took him up. It was the first time I’d ever seen my mother-in-law cry… for that matter, it was only the second time I’d ever seen her show any extreme emotion, the first being… well, that’s another story.

Find out later yesterday that they say the sore throat infection moved into his heart. This is totally wierd, he is only 6 months older than me, 23. So they were going to hook him up to an IV for antibiotics, and do some more tests.

We were up there tonight and he doesn’t know anything. Apparently, the doctors up there don’t have their act together. Heck, his doctor that he went to didn’t even call the hospital to let them know he was coming in, so when he got there last night, they were all, “what’s this about?” But C just keeps saying that he’s going to break out and that he doesn’t think anything’s wrong with him. He said something about the doctors saying they are going to put him on some valium. I guess that might have to do with the fact that they are going to do a camera thing to look at his heart. By sticking it down his throat? That I do not understand.

Today I asked Sarah (she ended up staying a second night) if she wanted to call him. She never would give me a straight answer, so I came to the conclusion that she wanted to, but was afraid to call the hospital. I guess she figured she’d have to talk to a stranger to ask for her brother. So I ended up calling and talked to him for a few minutes then I gave the phone to her and walked off for a minute. I came back in the room just in time to hear her say, “I miss you.” AWW. She is such a sweet little thing. The sad thing about it is that the family doesn’t seem to show much emotion to one another – you know they love each other, but I never hear them say it. I was so… shocked…? Well more like honored… something. Anyway, the other day, I was all those things and more when Sheila called us from Georgia. She asked if we’d pick her up the next day and I talked to her a few minutes. When we were getting off the phone, she said, “Bye, I love you!” I was just like aw how sweet, and it was nice to hear, because like I said, they don’t really say it that often.
I guess I never got into what happened between me and Sheila in Springfield, did I? (more…)


Waiting for laundry to finish.
Think it’s finally done.

Church today, stayed after for editing… All went as normal. My littlest brother sat in control room with us during service, he’s maybe interested in running a camera. He seemed a bit discouraged that he couldn’t do anything today, and I had to say, hello, McFly, you have to learn first.
I am probably going to be doing the editing myself next week.
I also checked out the Dell in there that runs the screens. Very powerful. Looking to see how I can get video on to it. It’s so far not hooked up to the camera/editing equipment. Anyone got any ideas? Not sure to begin. But if I can get that taken care of, and get an internet connection up there (which actually might be the harder part), then I can get the services on the internet like the pastor wants.
Apparently, it also has a DVD burner… yeah, ideas lol. No, nothing like that. I was just thinking this morning that I wonder if I knew anyone with a DVD burner so that I could get our wedding video and “The Jack Ball Project” on DVD. Then I could get screenshots here on the comp.
Steve and Sarah and Elijah stayed back for me and afterward, we got some KFC and brought it home.
Sarah and Elijah and I went to the park and walked all around it and she played on the playground for awhile. We went to Big-T’s and saw Elizabeth. Ate some ice cream. Surprises me, I didn’t have any pills, and so far, 6+ hours later, I am fine. HOW WIERD.
Elizabeth told us about the crazy lady that’s always in there that threatened her yesterday. Yeah, weird.
We came home and I gloated that Jeff Gordon won the race while Steve sulked.
He went out to his parents while Sarah and I watched Charmed, then we hopped on the computers while the Frebreeze dried on the furniture, lol. Then we went back up and watched Forces of Nature on TBS. I’d never seen it before. Pretty good movie. I like the ones that don’t end as you think they might.
Now I am here. Steve’s in bed, Sarah’s on the couch falling asleep watching tv, Elijah’s been in bed for almost 4 hours now (lol), and I am getting ready to go stop the dryer and head to bed.

Yeah, some exciting day, LOL

mmmmmm editing timestamp because it annoys me that it is actually 26 minutes into the 28th.
mmmmmm thinking… going to borrow A Knight’s Tale from K (DVD) and screenshot it…. mmmmm

Lot been going on…

Yes, a lot has been going on around here these past few days it seems.
So here is another update as to what all of that ‘a lot’ is. If you’re interested in reading still, please click more below…


Look what Tammy made me!!

How sweet, I love it!
I think I’ll go post it on my photos page as well.

Here’s what my day today looks like:
M and R will be here at 11 and I am going to take some engagement photos of them!! I’m excited, I hope I do a good job!!
After that, maybe I will take some of Elijah for his 11 months.
Then we have to be at L & K’s at 6:30 for a surprise party for A – shhhhhhh. :-)
So that’s my day today, I need to go get ready!!


Well I think I finally got it – at least enough to be acceptable anyway – the All That Jazz layout seems to be working now in both 1024×768 and 800×600 as well as the four main Windows browsers (IE, Netscape, Firefox, Opera).
Surprisingly enough, Netscape is the only one displaying it as correctly as I can see. The other three each have one different, minor error in them – and if you’re using them you can probably see what it is, Opera’s being the most blatant. Firefox is putting a black bar above the images, IE’s calendar is too thin, and then Opera’s menu is too close to the main image. But I am too tired right now to deal with it. I think I just got way in over my head with this one.
The only real depressing thing is that I had to move the copyright and site counter from the bottom of the page to the bottom of the menu. When I added a float:right for the other three browsers (not IE) it jumped to the top left and wouldn’t go away – in all browsers.
But either way, I like it – I don’t care what Jared says. :P
Plus, as of now, 89% of my visitors use IE6, 3% use IE5, 7% use Netscape 5, and 1% use “generic crawler 0.X” whatever that means…. oh shoot, wonder what this thing looks like in Netscape 5, I’ve been testing in… 7? or is it 6? Whatever…

I am also glad the WordPress nightmare is over for delirium. I mean, that was just stupid. I couldn’t get it to work for anything. Ended up having to install the OLD version of 1.0.1 and then import entries and then finally upgrade to 1.3pre-alpha. Riiiight.

In other site-news – I am thinking of, and am 99% sure that I will, buy Sheila a domain name. But shhhh it’s a surprise. I just need ideas – anyone got any? I have to probably do this tomorrow so that it’s all set up and I can surprise her when she gets home from Georgia. But now that I can host unlimited domains, and she had expressed an interest in one several months ago, we should go for it.

I have also already moved over the citizens website. I’m sure it’s propagated by now, although I haven’t checked. I can’t remember if I changed the DNS for the dobermans one though, lol. But I have uploaded files for it. So I’ll check on that in a bit.

OH I am also up for a job to do a site for a guy who is running for State Rep this fall. He’s friends with my mom and she’s hooking me up, even though he’s the one who asked her about me. So I am waiting to see what will go on there. I told her that I can do the domain for $7 (cost to me) and then I can host him for $2/mo. I do not plan on asking for actual design payment. If they want to, they can, if they can’t, not a big deal.

AUGH. I just noticed that ONE page of the Dobermans website looks bad in Netscape and Firefox… okay well not bad, just really different…. Like my content styling just disappeared… How wierd is that!?

Okay well later I am going to A’s to show her how to upload the website she’s been working on, lol. The local cafe for her friend. I also have to pull some stuff off of floppy disks since I don’t have a floppy drive anymore. Yeah, I stole some pics at my mom’s yesterday lol – scanned them then tried to upload them to my server, but it wouldn’t go, so I was forced to use floppies. Yeah long story.

Anyway, maybe I’ll post a real post later, sometime tonight. But for now, I need FOOD. Mindy also sent me two + more poems that I need to post. And I guess it’s time for a photo log… boy, am I behind… yes add that to everything else I have to do around here…