cheese knife update

Ahem. This thing on? Testing, testing… Okay. Here is Exhibit A, the knife in question. And, if you need a review… here and here

Okay, so according to my brother, they weren’t Secret Service, Mom says she was just exaggerating, but they were cops of some sort. I knew that already, of course. Like the Secret Service has time to do that.
Anyway, she says now that they went through her purse and the one pulled it out and looked at it and said, “Whooooaaaa.” And showed it to the other one who said, “wowww, uh, I can’t let you take that in there, Ma’am.”

We were at a family gathering today and out of the blue I suddenly hear from my grandpa’s wife: “What the heck did you have a knife in your purse for!?” My mom wasn’t paying attention, so I explained it to her real quick and before long everyone was talking about it. hehe.

Mom described it to Steve. She’s saying, “Oh, but nothing else cuts cheese like this, it’s really good. And it’s got this little thing where it can make slices, and it’s got a little point, here on the end, where you can spear stuff with it or something.” I’m about rolling on the floor laughing by this time, Steve says, “WOW, sounds dangerous.” And then he starts laughing.
But Steve about had a heart attack when Mom said it was costing her $12 to get another one, he says that he does indeed “have a pocket knife here that works just fine, too.”
I guess they thought she was going to hurl it at the President from the balcony with a “Tawanda” or something and poke out his eye.

R & M #3

I am bored, so I figured it was time for another photo log. Here is another of R & M, one of the black and whites, and therefore one of my favorites.
What do you all think? :heart:

[photo removed]


YES! Finally!!! I finally got PNphpBB2 to work on my PostNuke at the new domain!! Whoohoo, and the villagers rejoice! This issue has been boggling my mind since yesterday, and I couldn’t understand it because I followed all the directions very closely. NOW I have to get Coppermine to work with PN and I think I might be ready to release then. Of course, most of you out there won’t be interested in this site, but I felt the need for celebration anyway. :D

Anyway, also, Mi will be joining as a hostee here at Spoken For. If you don’t notice, I’ve posted some of her poetry in my blog. We had a section going for it, but I decided it was easier just to create her a separate blog cateogory instead of organizing a-whole-nother site for it.
So she’s decided to get her own poetry blog and after I hear from her about some of the settings I’ll be setting it up.

talk about wierd

Okay so I had a wierd dream just a bit ago, in between the time Steve went to work and Elijah woke me up. And I only decided to write this down because it seems like I hardly remember my dreams anymore. Not like I used to. I could tell you dreams that I had probably 12 years ago, but not last night. (more…)


I almost forgot to mention this…
Remember the cheese knife that the Secret Service took away from my mom?

Well get this…

The next day, on the early news, my dad saw them all talking about the stuff they took away from people at the Bush deal. And he said my mom’s cheese knife was right on the top of the box of stuff!! AND THEN they picked it up and said something like, “can you believe someone actually had this in her purse?”

She told me that last night and I almost peed my pants hehe, (well not literally). :D

She said the stuff is available for pick up, but she’s going to go get it – YEAH RIGHT!!!