talk about wierd

Okay so I had a wierd dream just a bit ago, in between the time Steve went to work and Elijah woke me up. And I only decided to write this down because it seems like I hardly remember my dreams anymore. Not like I used to. I could tell you dreams that I had probably 12 years ago, but not last night.

We were in this new house, but it wasn’t ours, it was Steve’s boss’s house and they still had it for sale. It was Christmas time. Steve and I were in our bedroom, much like our bedroom is now, only bigger and it had two rooms off of it, one on each side instead of just one (our closet), and they were larger and there were also two staircases going up to the same big long room more like a hallway. Oh, and out front there was a like a little balcony outside with French doors, instead of a stupid dormer, lol.

Anyway, he was sleeping and I couldn’t, and Chris comes up the stairs. He walks by into the one room, then leaves back downstairs again. I’m like, what the? And he comes back upstairs, this time with a Christmas tree, kinda like the one we’ve already got, only it’s already lit up and he starts nailing the base it has to the wall at the top of the stairs. Then I notice that the balcony has Christmas lights all over it and there are some in various places too.

Steve wakes up and is like what the heck are you doing!? Then everyone else shows up lol. They open the balcony doors and out of the tree comes a squirrel and a bat. I freak out because I hate bats and it’s coming right for me. The animals go hide in the room off to the left and the girls are looking for them to get them out of the house. Turns out there are A LOT of animals in there, although most are little tiny dogs.

The guys finish with the tree and go outside and I still won’t stop standing on the bed cause they haven’t found that bat yet lol. The find the squirrel and it runs out onto the balcony and hops in a tree. Then suddenly, I’m all, hey this thing has another upstairs? Eher, duh. But they won’t let me go up there because Steve says it’s all storage you can’t get through. Then I’m like, what if the bat is up there? We’ll never find it.
I think they found it because I forgot about the bat.

I go outside, there are people in line for something, a concert or something. I see my mom and Steve’s mom, hanging out together. I stop by the swimming pool (out front, who designed this place anyway?) then I go back inside alone.

I’m coming through the door and something ties to stop me and I’m all, what the heck?
It’s like a ghost, or something, an invisible person. But then I see these shiny reflections when he stands in the light, and I say, I see you, and he runs off.

I continue to have run-ins with him, but I’m not scared of him. I keep trying to get him to talk to me, and I can feel his anger. Everyone else comes back inside and I tell them and they just laugh their heads off about it and say something about us only being in the house temporarily anyway and let’s open our Christmas presents.

Oh what are we going to do, Chris really tore up that wall nailing that tree to it!!!