YES! Finally!!! I finally got PNphpBB2 to work on my PostNuke at the new domain!! Whoohoo, and the villagers rejoice! This issue has been boggling my mind since yesterday, and I couldn’t understand it because I followed all the directions very closely. NOW I have to get Coppermine to work with PN and I think I might be ready to release then. Of course, most of you out there won’t be interested in this site, but I felt the need for celebration anyway. :D

Anyway, also, Mi will be joining as a hostee here at Spoken For. If you don’t notice, I’ve posted some of her poetry in my blog. We had a section going for it, but I decided it was easier just to create her a separate blog cateogory instead of organizing a-whole-nother site for it.
So she’s decided to get her own poetry blog and after I hear from her about some of the settings I’ll be setting it up.