for once…

… I’m glad it’s Monday…

To quote my brother-in-law, “What a stupid weekend.”

I’m glad it’s over.

This weekend encompassed: the funeral, the burial, the play, me sick… (more…)

Just a messed-up weekend

I woke up sick this morning. Nothing serious, but sheesh, what else can go wrong?

Well, I want to thank everyone for your comments concerning my great-grandma – I really appreciate it. Also, I keep forgetting to say the same thing concerning Elijah’s birthday. Thanks much. :-D

The funeral is tomorrow (Sunday), at 3. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. But what’s even stupider is how the family is acting about everything. There’s the half that’s setting it on a Sunday without asking the other half, and then the other half is being stupid about it being on Sunday. *sigh* When will people just grow up? For crying out loud.

So there’s a dinner at 12 and the funeral at 3. The plan is for my in-laws to pick up Elijah on their way to church, and we’ll have to leave about 10 (yeah, takes about 2 or more hours to get there, and we are the closest from anyone – anyone – else).
What’s really dumb though is it looks like I’m not going to be able to make the burial. I feel HORRIBLE about this, but I don’t know what else to do. Mom’s got our Muny tickets and she said earlier (when they were saying, oh the funeral will be at 1:30) that we’d have to leave by 3 to make it in good time. So now she’s like we’ll have to leave right after the funeral, before the burial. That means Steve and my brothers and sister go with us.
I just feel so bad about it though. I really don’t know what to do. I mean, it’s my grandmother’s funeral. But mom paid a lot for those tickets and there are no refunds and no transfers (especially as Sunday is the last day of it). But then I think, I knew Grandma, she wouldn’t want us to miss something for her, no matter what it was.

You should have known my great-grandparents. I mean, they were some of the most wonderful people that I have ever known, and probably will ever know. I want SO MUCH to be like them and I only have good memories of them. :heart: I still mourn Grandpa’s death every Christmas for some reason, I don’t know why that is, I have lost other great-grandparents and I don’t do the same for them.

But besides all that… I have relatives, who are mad about the funeral being at that time on a Sunday, and they say they’re not going to the dinner at 12. One of them my mom has known all his life and she says she’s never ever never seen him mad, but now he is. And I guess I understand that. But why do we all have to fight? Why can’t everyone just realize that this is extenuating circumstances and they need to go with the flow? This is not the time to fight, this is the time to stick together. I just don’t get it. I don’t freaking get it.

But anyway, tomorrow is going to be one sucky day. *sigh* :cry:

New Style & Script

Hey, everyone, I created a new style here, so please, tell me what you think. It’s called Mother & Child #2. The images also come from the beginning credits of Freaky Friday, but I combined about three or more of them.

Mother & Child 2 (or more appropriately, Mothers & Children)
Resolutions: 1024×768+ only*
Browsers: should fit all
Colors: kinda ‘skin tone-y’
Images: 1 (top)
Files included in zip: 3 – top.gif (contains transparency), style.css, readme.txt (includes instructions)

To preview:
If you are not currently seeing the style, scroll to the near bottom of my menu and click “mother_child_2.”

To download:
Under the girl section, click downloads. That will take you to the appropriate place. If you download, please rate it for me.

hmmm… this might be my favorite one so far… but again is only 1024×768, will have to create a 800×600 version before long. Of course, I think everytime I create a new one I think it’s my ‘favorite so far.’ :lol:

[EDIT=9:37am/7-24] I forgot to mention that I also put the Pirates of the Carribbean layout up as well, for download. It’s quite different looking, kinda… [/EDIT]
[EDIT=1:03pm/7-24] 800×600 version is now finished… boy, that was easy[/EDIT]

I finished the script, it turned out to be MUCH MUCH easier than I thought it would be. Turns out there is a php function to do exactly what I needed instead of having to use 2 or more functions.

Anyway, what this thing is…

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy
Yeah, it displays one a day.

I created it to practice and wanted to do something that would display daily, not randomly with refresh.

So anyway, there is more information here:, and I’m getting ready to add it to the downloads section. So hit there and give it a whirl for me, will ya?
The only requirement is that you must retain the link to that is in the script itself. You don’t have to link anywhere else.
Installation directions, etc are on the page mentioned above.

Please rate it if you try it out.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to write this script I want, if I want one that will do what I want, lol. However, it will be much more complicated that this silly Deep Thoughts thing, so we shall see.

Anyway, audi for now. Think I might hit some reviews.

Grandma Jones

I just got word a few minutes ago that my great-grandmother Jones passed away this morning around 7:15.

While I am upset, I’ve seen this coming. In the last few days, they said she was in a coma-like state and was basically dehydrating because they wouldn’t give her a feeding tube. Why they wouldn’t, I don’t know, but honestly, it’s probably better this way. Grandma would have been 90 in May 2005. She had a stroke in… I guess probably 1995 or 1996, and lost the use of the right side of her body, she had Alzheimer’s for almost as long as I can remember.
My great-grandfather’s funeral was one of the worst I’ve ever been to. It was in 1997 and with her Alzheimer’s, Grandma kept forgetting about it, and she would sit there in her wheelchair like everything was fine. But then she’d see the casket and remember, and start crying all over again. It was horrible.
As of the past couple of years, Grandma’s just been pretty much “out there.” She didn’t recognize anyone anymore. The last time she sort-of recognized me, she actually thought I was my mom, and that my mom was my great-aunt. I guess she was back-in-time and I looked like my mom when she was younger. We had an opportunity to go down and see her in October, and took pictures of Elijah with his great-great-grandma. While Grandma just looks very bad, sickly-like, they are some precious pictures.

But now, Grandma is happy, once again.

Thelma Leona (Aslin) Jones
May 28, 1915 to July 23, 2004

we will miss you

busted! pain… great pain

When Mom and I went to see Cats, I had been going through her purse for something, and I pulled out this Pampered Chef cheese knife she had in there. I said, “What the heck are you trying to do? Get us arrested?” She laughed and said that that had been in there from some picnic they went on the other day and she kept forgetting about it. And her attitude was, “It can’t hurt anyone anyway.” But you know how they are these days. I knew that they checked coolers at the Muny, but couldn’t remember if they checked purses or not. So we took it out and left it in her glove box.
So yesterday, I had a chance to go see George W. Bush, like I did four years ago… Do you see where I am going with this yet? Anyway, mom called on such short notice that I didn’t feel I could get ready in time to go, and I also didn’t know what I would do with Elijah. So I turned her down. She seemed a bit upset about it because she’d told George she’d take four tickets, and it looked like only she and G were going to be able to go.
Anyway, today she calls me and tells me that by the time they got there, they were about to close the gates (once they close the doors, no one else gets in) and so there were a lot of people running to get in.
The Secret Service busted my mom. Yes, they did. They confiscated her cheese knife, and now she has to buy another one. lol
I was like, “Do I have to follow you around everywhere and take that thing out of your purse?” And she’s all, “I use it all the time, I took it to [my uncle’s] the other day because of the dish I brought,” etc.

My mom, busted by the Secret Service.

Now that’s funny.