I made this

So the picture to your right… yeah, I made, and ruined that last night in networking class. We had to make cables, our first hands-on dealy-bop, and that was my screwed up attempt. Doesn’t look so bad here, but if you know what you’re doing, you can see the cables are too short on the inside. Then I never got to do anymore because it got too late and my teacher and Steve each did another end of my wire and wouldn’t let me do it. :-P Yeah, we drug Steve in there because it was late, we didn’t leave until 9:50 (class is supposed to get out at 9:10). I have to go back early next week to try again with my wire before class.
I am now unlike any other female I know… carrying copper wire in my purse. :lol:
And now I have to take test 3 from home, on the internet because we’re getting behind (I KNEW IT) and this is going to suck, royally, I’m not ready…

Yesterday was SUCH a NICE DAY!! The weather is RIGHT where I want it to stay for ever and ever amen. (more…)

Down River

To welcome you to my 400th post, here are some pics from the float trip, August 14. Believe it or not, this was one of those one time use waterproof cameras! These turned out better than any others I’ve ever had with one of those. The last time we went on a float trip, actually, the stupid thing leaked and it had fog inside, hardly any of the pictures turned out. So I’m pretty excited about these. ;-)
Anyway, see here for the original post about the float trip.


Yeah, they suck

Well, I’m back from being blocked from my own site. Stupid people. Sheesh! But thanks again, Amber!!
To celebrate, I created a new style, hehe. It’s Stumped, but it’s for 1024×768 only. Sorry ;-)

I’m in class currently, waiting for it to start, have about 10 minutes still I guess…. There’s lots that I should have been posting about these past few weeks, but most is…. er… saved in drafts. :-D Maybe I’ll get to that soon.

Well, this is actually what I was going to post last Wednesday night, but never hit “Publish,” my bad!! (more…)

Spoken-For: The best site on the net for…


Howdy, folks. This is Amber (from AmberNixon.Net) and I am posting on behalf of Val since her ISP is now blocking her site because it’s classified as “Pornography, Entertainment/Recreation”.

There is a filtering system gone haywire, which is now blocking her whole server, and she’s working to get it resolved as soon as possible. So – hold tight, she’ll be right back…

Gypsy Rose Lee

Since Thursday, I have been reading this book, Gypsy (a memoir) by Gypsy Rose Lee. Her real name was Rose Louise Hovick. Actually, I’m almost halfway through it.
You may remember when I went to the play portraying this book, about this woman’s life. She basically became the most well-known/publicized stripper of the world, later appearing in movies and writing books and screenplays.

“I wasn’t naked. I was completely covered by a blue spotlight.”