Well, now or never…. unrighteous.org. For the scripts and stuff. Still some stuff left undone, but right now at least the scripts are all there as well as forums and such. Have at it. ;-)

Day 3

of being sick. It sucks.
I was looking forward to feeling better and getting out of the house today. I’d better stay in so I can get out tomorrow though.

It’s the Harvest Festival and they want all the kids dressed up – Elijah’s going to be a Ram’s player tomorrow evening.

Thanks for everyone’s kind words about the job – well yesterday the temp agency called me and I have an interview now with a factory here in town on Monday at 10am. Of course, the factory won’t be as fun, as permanent, or nearly as much money as the bank. But oh well. I guess at this point, I take what I get.

At least I can joke about it… Yesterday I told Steve that I was going to get started with my lawsuit, that I was going to sue the bank for discrimination. He’s like, “what???” I said, “Yeah, because they didn’t hire me because I’m the fat girl.” He was like, “Whatever, it’s people like you that raise the prices for everything.” :lol:

Oh and Chrissie – nope, doesn’t sound corny – I’m with you, I just forget sometimes. Thank you for reminding me. :cute:

A question to WordPress users…. (more…)

well I guess it’s over now

Well I guess that’s it.
I called the bank about a half an hour ago and asked if they’d fill the position yet. (And I don’t even really have a voice today, I must have sounded really bad.)

He said “yes, well we are going to extend the offer to the person today. But you can still fill out an application…” I said I already had and was told I’d be called this week, and I gave my name. He says well the HR guy is out until next week and they will be discussing it and extending an offer to the person and then everyone else will get emails by Tuesday or Wednesday.

How nice.

I guess that means I’m not the one they’re extending the offer to, or you’d think he would have said so.

I’m sick today

Bleh. But I feel better than I did at 6 this morning.
I just feel stupid because last night I was joking to Sheila that I would “welcome the flu because I’d lose ten pounds with it.”

I just stumbled on a site that is using one of my scripts but has removed the credit link and not mentioned my site anywhere else. Should I say something???

I hate being sick. Why am I sick so much? :-(

And how in the heck did I get on this? See #13.