*angry face here* part II

And the saga continues… however I hope this is the end of it.
Here is the email I received this morning from these guys, note that they still can’t get my name right:

Dear spoken-for.org,

Good morning, how are you doing?

I assume, it must be one of our editor who added your website within our directory. At Need Scripts, we have hired a team of editors to add top quality scripts & software related website within our directory, so it will be easier for end users to find your web site and you as a website owner you can get a stream of web traffic, totally free.

I am extremely sorry if our editors unable to describe your listing in best possible manner. I have updated your account so that now you should be able to login at Need Scripts (www.needscripts.com) and should be able to add/modify your listing/s as desired.

Also, if you have *any* other question or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you looking forward to seeing you at Need Scripts.

P.S. Your support is vital for our existence. Please consider linking back to us. Visit http://www.info.needscripts.com/linkhelp/

Vishal Thakkar
Need Scripts

Questions :: http://www.info.needscripts.com/support/
Add More Listing/s : http://www.needscripts.com/cgi/add.cgi
Update your listing/s : http://www.needscripts.com/cgi/modify.cgi

Note the end of the email, how dare they ask me to link them after this!

From the main page I was unable to find a place to edit the script, I had to go through the link at the bottom of the email.

Guess what….
On the modifying page there is no way to delete a script – only to modify and then add another one! How rotten!

I had gone in there with the purpose of deleting it, but since I can’t, I had to update it. This is rediculous.
Then before you modify, here’s the terms they stick at you:

By submitting this “Add Listing Form” to Need Scripts, you agree to the following terms. If you do not agree, you should not submit this form.
1.) You agree that all the information being submitted are not copyrighted (if) by anyone else but you.
2.) You understand that there is no guarantee your listing will be added to Need Script.
3.) You understand that Need Scripts reserves the right to edit your suggestion and place my listing as appropriate.
4.) You understand that if your listing is added, it will be treated as any other listing in Need Scripts and will receive no special consideration.

I added the line breaks in as there weren’t any.

It’s funny – if they are just going around and adding scripts they find to their database then how can they be sure that none of it violates that (ie, isn’t stolen content, etc)? They can’t.

In the email, he also only apologizes that my “link wasn’t described in the best possible manner” or something. Um, yeah. That wasn’t even one of my complaints, although originally they described it as “powerful” (which I never would, it’s not) and never even mentioned the random feature in the ‘pre-view’ part which is the whole purpose of the script. No, my complaints were that it was added without my permission and that the download URL went directly to the file, not through my download URL that tracks stats. You know, download.php?file=5, etc.

Oh well, they’d just better not do it again. :lol: