Day 3

of being sick. It sucks.
I was looking forward to feeling better and getting out of the house today. I’d better stay in so I can get out tomorrow though.

It’s the Harvest Festival and they want all the kids dressed up – Elijah’s going to be a Ram’s player tomorrow evening.

Thanks for everyone’s kind words about the job – well yesterday the temp agency called me and I have an interview now with a factory here in town on Monday at 10am. Of course, the factory won’t be as fun, as permanent, or nearly as much money as the bank. But oh well. I guess at this point, I take what I get.

At least I can joke about it… Yesterday I told Steve that I was going to get started with my lawsuit, that I was going to sue the bank for discrimination. He’s like, “what???” I said, “Yeah, because they didn’t hire me because I’m the fat girl.” He was like, “Whatever, it’s people like you that raise the prices for everything.” :lol:

Oh and Chrissie – nope, doesn’t sound corny – I’m with you, I just forget sometimes. Thank you for reminding me. :cute:

A question to WordPress users….
Sometimes this happens to me, has it ever happened to you?
I post a post that sometimes does weird things, like it might have a php error or plugin error or not be displaying correctly (I check them after I post just to make sure they’re okay). So then, I will click “edit this” to fix it and IE (default browser) will give me this popup error that the page can’t be displayed as it loads the text into the text area, and when I press okay, it gives me a 404. That will happen several times and when I see it’s not going to work, I try to edit it in FireFox.
I don’t like editing in FF because it always does wierd things. Earlier when I had this, after looking at it and then saving it again, it was doing the same thing. So I tried to delete it and FF told me, sorry you have to enable sending referrers to do this.
So I ended up in phpmyadmin before I finally found the error – it was that I had forgotten the last ” on several links of target=”_blank” (I’d copied and pasted).
Now why would that little html error do this to me? That’s pretty wierd.
This happened a few weeks ago, too, but I never could figure out what the error there was, it was really wierd.
I am currently running 1.3-alpha-2 (Hey, Owen should I upgrade???)