I can’t believe it.

I can’t believe it – it is the last day of the year, officially. It is December 31st and it is 60 degrees outside.
And we had snow this time last week.

In other news, my three strikes spam plugin has officially turned away 255 256 264 spam comments today. They are all from poker sites and have anywhere from 12 to 14 strikes against them. They are going all out with the links, putting 10 or 12 of them in there. And I get another one about every one to five minutes.

die spam.


Gah, my tooth hurts. Or rather, the gums around my bottom left wisdom tooth that is trying once again to come through, but there is no room. :-x So therefore the whole left side of my face hurts…

It’s bothered me once since I last posted about it.

But if the stuff happening with S’s job does indeed happen, we could end up with dental insurance and that would be awesome.

So I wait…. and until then I continue to pop the Ibuprophens.

Ouch. :ouchie:

I did it – shouldn’t have, but I did.

Yeah I just ordered my Christmas present, my digital camera. :eek:

I shouldn’t have because somewhere the money has dwindled in between us being us and paying bills. So I really don’t have all my Christmas money anymore. Plus I am too impatient to wait for two weeks to find out if S was approved for the Amazon credit card to save another $30. So I just went with it.

I got this one: Fujifilm A340 4MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom & Finepix CP-FXA10 Cradle.

a strange day

Left with an extraordinarily messy house because of Christmas, I was busy all day yesterday and it seemed like I got nothing done.

That is until about 2.30 when a friend/neighbor called me and said that she might need to go to the emergency room and would need me. She was really lightheaded, thought she was going to pass out, and her face was going numb. (more…)

Two Days After Christmas

Okay, gonna wrap up the Christmas posts here…

But first, look what Chrissie made me. Thanks Chrissie, much love. :heart:

And from Sam :heart:

The day after Christmas we had church and it was almost like normal. They were still doing Christmas music but my job in the tv control room went on as usual.

Afterwards, we edited and were actually finished by 1pm – a new record! (more…)