Quick candle scent poll

I’ve got to order tonight which do you like best? Pick one! :-)

◊ Island Dreams – Succulent papaya, plump mango and ripe coconut make up the heart of this tropical delight. The delicious aroma invokes memories of swaying palm trees & clear blue water on your favorite tropical island.
◊ Cactus Patch – Citrus pink grapefruit and sweet vanilla blossom
◊ Cotton Blossom – Pure & fresh describes delicate scents of cotton, mandarin blossom and freesia blended with a hint of peony. Soft and soothing like a warm summer breeze.
◊ Iris & Fern – Gorgeous iris and hearty fern blend in perfect harmony in this new Yankee Candle scent. Beautiful floral nuances dancing on top of crisp green notes
◊ Ginger & Amber – A captivating blend of antique amber and fresh ginger root. Notes of juicy mandarin, cashmere musk, and white iris add a hint of sophistication to this fragrant beauty.

My UPS man is going to kill me (more…)

Embarrassment is thy name. Or was it Exhaustion?

So yesterday, after leaving my brother’s place, Steve insisted on going to Walmart on the way home. I didn’t want to go in the first place, he’d already gotten everything we needed earlier that day and I was tired, I just wanted to go home.

We went in and got E in a cart and he says, “I’m going to the bathroom.” Okay, fine. He goes and then I said, “Well, I’d better go, too.” I hate that bathroom, some moron hooked the toilets up to the hot water line. Idiots. Okay, I’m done and thinking about how I need a new pair of jeans. I leave. We walk across the store, down the main aisle between the checkouts and everything else.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

We turned down an aisle and our conversation went something like this:
“Shut up.”

I have NEVER done that in my life before. For those of you slow ones, I had forgotten to zip my pants, that’s how tired I was. But surprisingly, I wasn’t half as embarrassed as I should have been. If I had been – well, I wouldn’t be writing about it now.

Plus, I think back now to the people I encountered in between the bathroom and the aisle where I noticed it and I don’t think many of them noticed, if any at all. It helped that it was late and the store pretty much empty.

What has made me so dang tired, you ask?

Maybe it started early Thursday morning. (more…)

Clientele & Packing

Boy it sure is quiet this FFAF around here… :(

Anyway – YAY! A client called today she’s coming down in about a half an hour, they want me to do another website for them and we’re starting today. I registered the domain name when I was on the phone with them and added it to my account and it’s already ready to go. :D
This is the website I mentioned before that will probably get quite a good amount of covereage — I’d better do it right!! ;-)

Another cool thing —
Owen fixed my shopping cart dealy so that it works 100% here at SF the way I want it to. Check it out! Isn’t it cool? ;-) Oh yeah, buy something HEHE.

And, since you all wanted to see photos of my pack jobs – here ya go. :lol: This is Jared’s order so far. It still needs quite a bit of packaging. Boy, wish I had some of those packing peanuts… ;-)

Heh, enjoy!

I hate it when people do this to me.

Grrrr…. here is the basics of an email I just received…

Hi Valerie—I haven’t had much of a chance to talk to you about our web page. How is it going in_____. Do we know any more about getting our ________ on the computer and web page? We still need to update our web page–I noticed that ___’s picture is still not up there–___ apparently hasn’t sent it to you. You might want to call or email her.

I’ve got you some help to work on the web page, but you will need to teach him. ________ has just retired and wants to help with the web page. I told him I would give you his phone number and you all could get together. His number is: __________

Let me know that you got this email. Thanks for all you do!

Note that second paragraph.

AGH. (more…)

Imagination Library

Maybe you’ve heard of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, maybe you haven’t. Basically it is a reading program for kids ages five and under. Businesses in a county will ‘adopt’ the county and pay for any kid age 5 and under who signs up to get a new age appropriate book every month. Dolly Parton says she started it in the county where she is from as an incentive to get parents to read to their kids. (more…)