the night I almost killed my husband

I had completely forgotten about this until both my shave gel and a bath wash tried to kill me by taking dives off their shelves and landing on my toes in the shower this morning. It must be in retaliation for what I did to Steve the other night. (more…)

Free iPods

Yeah, we’ve all heard about this free iPod thing – and I’m seeing more and more people who’ve received theirs. So, once more, I’m going to pimp myself out – I need only two more people to sign up and complete an offer and I’m in for mine.
So, to the next two people who sign up and complete an offer, I’m prepared to do something for you…

If there is one thing you do on your birthday… let it be me.

Oh yes, I never did mention that yesterday (Monday the 28th) was Steve’s birthday, did I? Hehe, whoops. It kinda passed us by, too.

Sunday night he said to me, “you didn’t get me anything, did you?”
“I got you a card.” I actually bought it like a month ago, I picked it up by accident when looking for something for his mom and just loved it. And that’s where the title for this entry comes from, too.
“Okay, good,” he said, “don’t you dare get me anything tomorrow. Okay?”

Um, okay sure.

He did have a cake at my mom’s though, on Easter Sunday, it was a half sheet cake split into two (chocolate and vanilla) and one half said “Happy Easter” and the other said “Happy Birthday Steve.” (more…)

Opinions? On, my candle site, please?

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