I used to be such a good little girl

People tell me I have road rage…

We were just minding our business, turning from the little road to the mall onto Lindbergh Blvd, when this guy cut us off completely without warning. He was in the right turning lane, we were in the left with no one in front of us so we were going at a good speed. He had several cars in front of him and just pulled a hard left into our lane with no blinker as we started to go into the left turn.

We were stunned but Steve reacted quickly. Bad words escaped our mouths. I said a very bad word that I never say but caught myself in the middle and it ended as quickly as it started.

As we finished the turn, Steve honked at the guy and I realized I had a bad look on my face. The guy looked in his rear view mirror, as he went back into the right lane (without warning for those people now) and made sure that we saw his middle finger directed at us.

I reacted… without thinking.

I have never used my middle finger before. I have never handled my anger that way before. Now granted, I didn’t actually use it this time. Oh, boy, but was I close. I had that middle and first finger up and the first was ready to come down when I realized what I was doing and jerked my hand back down.

However, that guy musta thought I’d done it because he then leaned so that his face was right in his left mirror and gave me a really nasty look. He then proceeded to pull up in the right lane which was shorter than our lane (we were both getting on South 55) and he then did to someone else what he did to us in the first place. He cut them off so as to avoid getting on 270 and flew onto 55 cutting off lots of people.

He thought he was hot in his brand new car. I hope he totals it.


May Fest

So I was resolved to the fact that the Garden Walk is not next weekend like we’d all originally thought but June 4-5, in conflict with Country Days. But it will work out because I don’t have to be at the Garden Walk.

Whoo-hoo, it’s about time!

Finally, I look in my account and see that the 2nd fair check was cashed. That thar’s my receipt thar. So that means I’m in! June 4-5 and August 13-14!

Now the next step is to make sure I’m prepared! (more…)

Dateline Wednesday

If you watched it, then you know what I’m talking about. I promise, we’re not all like that. And I don’t really even mean that in a funny way, but it’s true.