Freaky Dream

I had a weird dream this morning.

I was taken hostage with another girl by some guy. He was kind of dorky and seemed like a teenager, didn’t matter, I think he had a gun. At some point another girl appeared there, I guess she’s been there all along. We kept trying to devise plans to get away and finally we were able to take them (yes, there was now another dorky teenage guy) over and the other two girls held them at lighter-point (hey, it looked like a gun!) while I went to get help.


Yesterday I went up and traded in my new phone for a newer phone. ;-) I now have the Motorola V551 and I love it mucho more – easier to use, hear on, press buttons on, and so much cooler to boot. We each bought a ringer for our phones, he got Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train (the beginning) and I got a snippet from Benny Goodman’s Sing, Sing, Sing! I almost bought Spoken For, of course, but the song I chose is much more upbeat and LOUD which is the most important thing for a ringer.

I suck!

Man this stinks. I just got a 70% on my business quiz. :P I’ve been progressively getting worse on my quizzes. This is getting to be too much to remember!!

I am a bit worried about my final. I feel like I have to go through this all too fast that when I get to the final (which I take on campus) that I am totally going to suck!!

It really is summer!

Boy it is hot! It is almost 101° F out there right now! Bleh.

This past week has been full of summery things. On Wednesday I took Sarah shopping with me, as you know, and bought me a swimming suit. The next day, I went swimming with her and Elijah out at her house since it was just too hot to go do the picnic we’d planned on. That and everyone else canceled on us.

On Saturday, we hit the lake with my mom’s family (grandpa and his wife, my aunts and uncles and cousins, some extra people later I didn’t know that were my grandpa’s-wife’s-son-in-law’s family, etc.) and it was so much fun!

Sarah the Banana

And her new site is up and running. ;-)

The domain name she chose is

She’s only made one post so far, but go by and visit my 10-year-old sister-in-law and leave her a comment, will ya?! ;-)