Stupid Parents

This is just a rant about some people I used to know.

These people have let their 17-year-old son join the Army. This is a kid who they’ve always yelled at in public and acted like he was just such a bother to them. At 14, they were yelling at him one day, “…did you put your tights on yet!? Go get them on!” He was in a singing group that wore traditional French and German dress, he did not want to be there, let alone wear the tights at 14, yet they not only forced him, but yelled at him about it in front of everyone. They are so impatient with him and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out they pushed the Army idea to get rid of him, especially since a 17-year-old has to be signed for by a guardian. (Note that he is not actually related to them by blood and he found this out when he was 14, of course, the “mother” had to start talking about it to me, really loud – as is her style – in front of everyone including him. If you could have seen that kid’s face… it was horrible…)

This kid has to take numerous medicines because “I can’t handle him when he’s not on medication.” If she’d just wake up, she’d see that she’s giving him medicine to wake him up and medicine to “keep him calm” and medicine to put him to sleep at night, etc. Just leave the kid alone and try some real parenting skills, eh? So because of this, he wasn’t allowed to get his license when he turned 16, yet his younger sister got hers and a car. They never give him any real responsibility to learn with, yet now he’s going into the Army? Sure, we can’t handle him, let’s let the Army do it. Archaic notioning.

And speaking of the sister… Today in the paper I see that she’s engaged. I heard about this not long ago but brushed it off as her usual obsession with guys that would soon be another stage passed. But now they’re in the paper. She is 16. Yes, 16. Six. Teen. The guy is, I’m guessing, 18, the paper says he graduated this Spring.

I really don’t feel that a 16-year-old is mature enough to be able to handle marriage. Maybe one hundred years ago or maybe even in 1926 when my great-grandmother, 15, got married. but not in today’s world. No way, no how. I once knew a girl, my best friend for a couple years around 6th grade… she got pregnant and had the kid at 15, married the guy at 16. At 17, the last time I ever talked to her, on the phone, she said, “Don’t ever get married… it’s hell.” Parents today are not raising their kids to be independent and to be able to handle the pressures of marriage at the early age of 16. And regardless of how you feel about this, it does really boil down to the individual. And I know this girl, at 16, she’s not ready for marriage.

A parent with a brain in his/her head would say to these two:

Okay, so you want to join the Army? Why don’t you wait until you are 18, take plenty of time to think about it and make sure that’s what you want to do, because once you’re in, you’re in for the length of your contract. And if that’s what you want to do, when you are 18, then we stand by you.

You want to marry this guy? You are only 16 and though you think you know what you want, you really may not. Before you get into any deep relationships, you need to be a teenager first. Go ahead and date him, but wait until you are 18 and absolutely sure about this before you make any solid decisions. (And then we will get your announcement in the paper.)

Am I right or am I right? I always knew these people would screw these poor kids up… :cry: