Stalker Girl Lives

A surprising number of you all out there in the blogosphere have been MSN-ing or emailing me asking me what’s up in this area. So here goes… ;-)

She lives.

:lol: I do think I am getting through though as she’s starting to back away for now. Well, actually it seems as if she’s moving on. She’s emailed Vix twice now. :eek:

Anyway, you may remember how I agreed to do a simple design for cheap for what turned out to be (I am sure) another one of her personalities. After I did it, didn’t take me long, I sent her a screenshot, blah blah blah. She asked if she could “have it for free instead?” Um, no, I told her. Just forget it. She responded that she wanted it for free because she didn’t like the fonts I used. I told her off and said that it didn’t matter what the fonts were, they were generic and could be changed by her – and I said to forget it. Then to be a you-know-what, I threw in that two other sites have already purchased the design. In reality, there are three, and none have paid me. Heh. So anyway she kept emailing me and was like, “don’t lie, I saw it on such and such site, it’s YOUR site.” So I told her off again and said basically that she had no idea what the heck she was talking about, that I put my whois info on all domains I register, even for other people to “protect their identities from people like YOU.” And would she please leave me alone. She responded nicely and I ignored it and haven’t heard since.

I know, I should have just ignored all the emails. But not only was I having fun telling her off, but the email filter I set up on my domain didn’t work and I couldn’t resist not answer the emails. ;-)

But, in telling her to bug off, I also said “and the same with all your other personalities. Just get on with your life, okay?” She did not deny having other online personalities. (We all know I’m not talking about MPD here.)

I cannot deny nor confirm that I have multiple online personalities with which I am bugging the crap outta you.

Okay, so she didn’t say that, but she just didn’t bring it up at all in that last email I’ve ignored.

Now, Girl #2 – the “ringleader” of the personalities…

I hadn’t heard from her in a while, she’d been blocked on MSN for a couple of weeks, too, when I visited Sarah’s site for something and found a comment left by her, last Thursday. It took me forever to get the email so it was a while before I found out when it was commented and what the IP was.

The IP was the same as it always was.

This annoyed me for two reasons:
1. I was stupid enough to think that because I’d blocked her from this site and HW and all of my sites that she would never find out about Sarah’s site.
2. She must have either done some IP reversal tool on my reseller account (which really means she’s obsessively stalking me) or somehow she got on another IP and got on this site and got the URL.

So I deleted the comment and talked to Site5. They blocked the ISP this girl uses in the firewall. They say I should have no further problems with her accessing any of the domains on my account. Except I can’t remember if this covers little-light or not since it’s on another IP (for the secure certificate). Although I suppose it does. Either way, she’s still blocked in the htaccess everywhere but in domains that aren’t run by me (like Jared‘s site or Ruthie‘s site, etc.).

Then I get this email:


I asked you about it. I want an answer. GoDaddy emailed me? why?

I’m thinking what in the —- is she talking about!?

But then I realized that it must have been because I changed the whois on her domain from my information to what I knew of hers. I figured she must have gotten GoDaddy’s email newsletter then because I think I got it the same day I got her email. But I wasn’t going to admit that because I didn’t want to have to deal with it. I updated my email address to hers and changed the rest of the whois the best I could – her name, US Armed Forces Pacific (Brunei isn’t available) and then fields like n/a or — or something. I am also not renewing that domain – earlier I unlocked it and turned off automatic renew. She can transfer it away from me whenever her little heart desires.

So I sat on the email for a few days before answering, and when I answered, I was kinda ticked off:

How the hell should I know? I can’t know why they emailed you, you didn’t even give me any clues as to what the email was or how it’s supposedly connected to me to warrant you emailing me in this rude manner. So they emailed you, big deal, what makes it my problem?
It’s your email address, you take care of it. If you don’t want the email, here’s a hint, delete it!
Secondly, you do not demand anything from me, got it? This is the first I’ve heard of this, you did not ask me about this before. I am under no circumstances obligated to answer you about anything. If you want answers to things you should try being a little less rude.
Thirdly, it really makes little sense for you to be emailing this email address of mine since you know of my real personal email. This makes me think something strange is going on.
Try being nice, it will get you farther in life.

Yeah, that’s ticked off for being me.

Thanks for responding Val. I was just worried about what happened. Sorry though. I was just plain afraid that someone is misusing my email

So she assumes I’m misusing her email!?!?! What gives her the right to assume that I have anything to do with her receiving email from GoDaddy!? And, wait, isn’t she the one signing me up for various newsletters and spam and free program trials with my good, once spam-free email address, swearing, as her personality #3 that she will spam me until I unblock her?! Please.

So I ignored the email.

Until the next day.

I was making a change on a website I did for this little girl and I noticed there was one comment in moderation in her WordPress panel. So I thought, that’s kind of weird, she just started this site and we’ve loose regulations on comments right now… guess who it was from? Yup, Girl #2. And guess what it said?

Why did I receive an email from godaddy saying that the has changed the whois to

Oh. My. Gosh. Go. Away.
It’s one thing for her to bother me, but to move on to a 12-year-old’s site? So, yeah, that really ticked me off. So I responded to that last email and copied in the comment saying it was in regards to the comment that she left that got caught in the spam filter. And then, I said:

What is your problem here? Why do you feel the need to start harrassing my clients about stuff? We have no freaking idea what you are talking about. If you have a problem with GoDaddy you need to take it up with them! You have your domain at GoDaddy – they will send you email, it’s inevitable.

I have not heard back.

After I sent it, a thought occurred to me…

I would have changed her whois from me to her as the last activity in my account before I registered for that girl. I can’t remember for sure, because it obviously wasn’t that important to me, but it must have automatically put her whois into that domain since hers was the last used in my account and then when I changed the nameservers to my reseller, I must have corrected the contact info and it emailed her.

Either way, c’mon. I mean, if I got an email like that I would take a look at the domain in question and its whois and seen that I wasn’t anywhere and I would have chalked it up to some strange spam. I wouldn’t be emailing everyone and their brother about it.

And sometime while all of this was going on, a new personality added me on MSN. This one is Yet another Gmail address. Yet another one having to do with sky and she likes to put . in her addresses. So yeah, it’s obvious because I don’t really give out my MSN and it’s not posted anywhere anymore, that it’s her. I blocked it right away and did not add to my list.

So there you have it, you asked for it, a Stalker Girl update. I hope this is the last one.

Question: if a person is blocked via IP and they search and find the site on Google, will they still be able to view the cache of the site? I assume they can… Of course, this site uses
<meta name=”robots” content=”noarchive” /> so I’m not worried about Google…