Back Now

Have been back for a little while and all I can say is holy cow. I had no idea it would take me two hours to go through my blogroll and the RSS feeds!

More later, when I’ve recovered.

I got a job

kinda…. it’s a temp thing and I start today. I have to help this lady set up her new computer, get her DSL working, teach her some things on the computer, and then probably teach her some basic web design – so she can update pages for her job she just got.

Wish me luck!!!

The Pianist

The Pianist I am so mad, I already wrote this whole post and was one second away from publishing it when Macromedia felt the need to close my browser window. I hate you Macromedia. I hate you Flash 7. I lost it all. And it was beautiful. And now I don’t know that I can get all of that back out of my head. I’m going to cry. Emailing them and telling them off didn’t help any. I guess I can try and remember…

If you’ve seen the movie, you need to read this book!

Wladyslaw Szpilman (1911-2000) was a pianist during WWII who’s only crime was being born a Jew. He lived in the Warsaw getto with his family and three siblings (two sisters, one brother), the family had lived in that section of Warsaw prior to it being made a getto. They lived there as best they could on small rations, few jobs, other horrible living conditions until they were deported. Two of the siblings had a chance to stay on work detail but left wanting to be with the rest of the family instead; the families being deported were told they were being moved elsewhere. As the families were being loaded into cattle cars, Szpilman was pulled out of the crowd at the last second by someone he knew and not allowed to reenter. His family was shipped to their deaths at Treblinka.

Mahna Mahna

Trying out a new plugin here…

watch Mahnamahna

We love the Mahnamahna song. But now, whenever Steve is thinking “blah blah blah” to something I’m saying, he just says, “Mahnamahna.” So it has its drawbacks.

Who’s on First

Yesterday evening when I woke Steve up about the AC, he was in a really bad mood. So I said, “come here” and played this for him. Changed his mood completely. :)

And for my friends who don’t want to or can’t listen (my audio is a different version, live performance, but it’s the same ideas)…