Top Internet Pet Peeves

What are your top 5 internet pet peeves?


5. Blog layouts that are only 200px wide total with 6pt fonts and header images that are 900px in height… all squished to the left.

4. People who can’t get seem to change their address book entry to my current email address and continue to email the old one though I’ve told them at least five times about my new one that isn’t so new anymore.

3. Google downloading 7.06 Gigs of information from one of my sites in a single month. I hate you, Google. I swear, if it weren’t for Gmail…

2. Like, OMG!!!1!!! I need help NOW!!!1!!! It’s a EmErGeNcY!!!@!!!1

1. Sites that say, and really mean, IE only.

New Theme

New theme: Elegance, what you think?

No cheating, how many images were used in this theme? ;-)

Still want to follow Owen’s advice though. I just wasn’t inspired with it this time around. I need someone to make me a really cool image outta my photos… who’s up for it? ;-)

Gma Update II

Well I talked to my mom last night (Sunday) and she said that my step-grandmother is now breathing on her own. And here’s to me, breathing a sigh of relief. However, her kidneys are now giving out so she will have to go on dialysis. However, it could be temporary and from what I understand, dialysis is a pretty live-with-able thing.

[UPDATE] Today she is starting 24 hour dialysis. Her liver doesn’t seem too good either, but she’s been moved out of the critical care unit. I suspect still in intensive care, however. [/UPDATE]