I’m getting sick of these…

I’m getting really sick of these emails that I’m getting at one of my “webmaster” email addresses. The to field has my email address only and the from field has my email address only. So if I were to mark it as spam, I’m marking myself as spam. Get it?

The emails say they are a “public service announcement” from something called SPAMIS or S P A M I S, or the Strategic Partnership Against Microsoft Illegal Spam. Public service announcement my hiney. All they do is complain about Microsoft and Microsoft’s so-called spam! What kind of sense does that make? They are spamming me so as to complain about someone else’s spam and say that they are taking action against that spam. And for that matter, they can’t prove to me that Microsoft spams, the only emails I’ve ever gotten from Microsoft have been warranted after I’ve signed up for a newsletter or something.

You know what, SPAMIS people? I don’t give a flying flip, I don’t care what you think of Microsoft, stop emailing me!!!


From: http://btude.bfpmedia.com/?p=119 and http://my10kidfamily.blogspot.com/2005/09/god-help-us.html

Our fellow blogger and dear friend Kim has an alert up on her webpage for a missing child—he’s one of her own and is the victim of parental kidnapping: God Help Us.

While the authorities are searching, they will not issue an amber alert due to the custodial issue, and Jordan is most likely at risk of serious mental and physical harm.



So a few weeks ago, I joined this really neat thing: Postcrossing.

The goal of this project is to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world, for free. Well, almost. The main line is: if you send a postcard, you’ll receive at least one back, from a random postcrosser somewhere in the world.

After registering, you can request up to three addresses at a time. They are emailed to you. You send off postcards and when they are recieved the other person enters in the ID into the website. It notifies you that they were sent.

Anyway, point is, I received my first one today, from Kat in Holland, thanks :)

postcard one

Now the question is – do any of you turn your photos into postcards? I’d like to do that instead of buying them of my silly little town. Do you know of a trustworthy place to order them, or what kind of supplies do you have for printing your own?

that’s just like Missouri

Well it seems that, in keeping with the spirit of Missouri, we will skip autumn once again and go straight to winter.

Steve and I woke up this morning freezing to death. Seems we forgot to turn off the window AC unit in our bedroom and the temperature outside had dropped to something like 38° F!

And, of course, it is needless to say that because of this weather change, I’m in pain. My back is killing me and my sinuses are acting up. It’s been up and down since last weekend when we started to get cold rain.

Is het mij of…

Is it me or is this so not an attractive picture of her?

I do like her and all but I’ve cringed every time I’ve opened a browser today to be shown this picture right on “front page” Yahoo news…