The Forgotten

So I’m sitting here watching The Forgotten, I haven’t seen it yet although I always thought it looked really interesting. Very interesting. Anyone seen this? What did you think?

We went to a wedding earlier this afternoon, one of my best friends. It is so weird to think of her as married. She was the one who loved to flirt and liked all the boys, so it is all just a bit strange. :) I almost cried when she walked out with her dad and then she winked at me as she went by and that almost really did it. She was so pretty. She is pretty. Always has been. The wedding was very simple, yet strange in a lot of retrospects. One thing is that the church is circular, so the stage is in the center and all the people sit around it facing it. So we saw the side of the couple during the ceremony. And when they came in, they walked all around the circle for the procession.

Vanessa & Bret's Wedding Ceremony

Vanessa & Bret's Wedding Ceremony Vanessa & Bret's Wedding Ceremony Vanessa & Bret's Wedding Ceremony

Afterwards, on the way home, we drove through some car lots. Some problems with our car are starting to come up and Steve’s not sure if he should spend the money to fix those when they break (this is going to be expensive stuff) or if we should just go ahead and trade it in now. He needs a work car, too, and was planning on possibly getting one of those the first of the year, getting rid of his truck and getting something that gets better gas mileage.

Well, at this one particular car lot, we ended up getting talked to by three different salesmen and the third got us to test drive this:

2003 Saturn VueI really like it and I’m sure he does, too. If given a choice between a car and an SUV, I would prefer the SUV (a small one with decent gas milage, not some huge thing like an Excursion) because of hauling stuff like candles and such for fairs. And when Steve goes with us to a fair, we could actually all get in one vehicle instead of taking the car and then his truck with my parent’s trailer. This thing, a 2003 Saturn Vue actually gets better gas mileage than our car, too! Plus, I miss the Jeep Cherokee we had before Elijah was born. This Saturn is in very good shape, though there are a couple of things we would have to request on it and it’s a manual, so I’d get to drive a stick shift again. Anyway, the work vehicle thing for Steve is going to be a necessity soon, even if it isn’t right now. But we really aren’t sure what to do.

Elijah’s been sitting next to me for the latter part of this entry, studying his Dora the Explorer VHS tape. Now he’s blowing on it for some reason. I wonder if he’s associating it to my NES cartridges. He held it up to me, right in my face, and blew until I blew on it. Silly boy…

Okay so I got too engrossed in this movie that I’m actually watching it a second time now – the extended version with alternate ending that’s also on this DVD. This is an interesting movie for sure!!