What are you thankful for?

Last night, I laid awake for a bit and tried to think of what I’m thankful for. Sure, it’s obvious, right? I mean, my kid, husband, friends, family, house, food on the table, etc, duh. Yes, but this year I wanted to specifically point out those things that I don’t notice every day, the things I would, however, miss if they were gone.

Here’s what I came up with:

my cellphone. Yes, I am thankful for my cell phone, because of it I feel safer while driving around with the check engine light on. I know that if I do break down, I won’t be stranded for long, I will be able to call someone to come get me.

the internet. I know this sounds cheesy, but the internet keeps me in touch with my family. Before we all got “on line” I hardly ever got to see or talk to my relatives in Texas or Colorado, etc. Now we at least share occassional emails and they can view my photos online. It keeps us connected, easily, quickly, and cheaply. And not only that, because of the internet, I’ve met family I didn’t know I had. They’re not that close in bloodlines but we’re becoming close emotionally all the time.

my camera. With this I can capture life’s daily events and I can easily flashback to good times and bad.

the town I live in. Though I complain about it and complain about tourists, it’s really not that bad here. It’s quiet and we’re a half an hour from everywhere!

the jack ball project. It keeps me sane.

Okay, your turn. What are five not-so-typical things you are thankful for? Go ahead, be a little selfish. :)

Oh, I’m also thankful for strollers, and Dora the Explorer, and sandals, and post-it notes, and Ibuprofen, and lights that dim, and the scent of lilacs, and gentle breezes, and packing peanuts, and teddy bears, and people that are willing to take a chance on me, and…

Happy Thanksgiving 2005, everyone! :-D


I love having callerID (the callerID I *don’t* have), really, I do. Anyway, over the last several weeks, it seems the number 866-660-6940 has been calling me constantly. Of course, the calls have always happened to come when I wasn’t here. Until yesterday.

I was sitting here at the desk when the call came through. I answered and there was just dead air. I said hello a couple of times and was a second from hanging up when someone answered. She asked me if this was “Hollyfield web design.” Now, first of all, if you’re going to call me, at least say my name right, please. Second of all, the second she asked for that, I knew where they’d gotten my number: the whois information on any domain registered by me for me or by me for someone else.


What’s three dozen quart-size jars, seven dozen pint-size jars, three dozen half-pint jars, four dozen fourth-pint jars, and one dozen warmer jars have in common?

They’re all sharing a cart with the cutest little boy in the world.


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Gone With the Wind

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah decided she was going to play A Thousand Questions with me and before long we were both laughing because with each question she asked, I was able to twist it around to have the same answer.

“What’s your favorite movie?”
“What’s your favorite book?”
“What’s your favorite cd?”

She’s been asking me to watch it but we never have enough time (it’s approximately four hours long). But her bringing it up all the time has got me watching it now. I love this movie… it has everything: drama, suspense, history, politics, romance, and even comedy.



From: Post@cia.gov To: [me]
Date: Nov 21, 2005 7:21 PM
Subject: Your_IP_was_logged

Dear Sir/Madam,

we have logged your IP-address on more than 30 illegal Websites.

Please answer our questions!
The list of questions are attached.

Yours faithfully,
Steven Allison

++++ Central Intelligence Agency -CIA-
++++ Office of Public Affairs
++++ Washington, D.C. 20505

++++ phone: (703) 482-0623
++++ 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., US Eastern time


list.zip 1K

Um, yeahhhhhhhhh. Riiiiiiiight.