Again :)

Did I mention that for Christmas Sheila gave me the Back to the Future Trilogy on DVD? I probably did.

Well, now I’m watching #3 and I only have one thing to say:

Theoretically, shouldn’t the 1985 in 1885 Doc remember himself in 1955 sending Marty to 1885 and that when Marty shows up, shouldn’t he not be surprised that he’s there and give him a little lecture for coming after he told him not to in the letter?

Does that make any sense?

just a little bit

Here’s some Stalker Girl updates. I still need to document it. Easier for if my cousin should ask for anything than sorting through a thousand emails and such.

Christmas Eve I got an email from her in which she was wanting to get something out of me and tried to do what she wanted by hiding it all in apologies. The following is my response back to her in which you can read her original email in the quoted areas. I bolded all of my responses back to her.

On 12/24/05, Chien Yee [] wrote:

I thought over what I did again and I guess I’ll ruin your Christmas if I were to email you. I know this is kinda a long email but please bear with me. I want to sort things out with you.

There is nothing to sort out. Just leave me alone. Stop trying to contact me. That’s it. End of story. JUST GO AWAY.

I checked my Chat Logs, emails, everything.

I was wrong in the first place for asking for and then taking advantage of your good intentions by creating many identities to ask for more. It really destroyed the breech of trust between us and I truly regretted not admitting it was me after you told me that I was Shadow.

There was no trust. I did not know you well enough to trust you. There was no trust to destroy. And you will certainly never have any trust in the future. However, for future reference, saying “it really destroyed the breech of trust” really doesn’t make a lick of sense. Please, read your English dictionary and grammar books.

Just recently I made the Flickr account Oinkity and adding you and Sarah as my contacts. That was wrong of me. So wrong.

I gave up that flickr account to my friend and I created a new one, The Catherine. You see, Catherine is the name I’m called by my friends so I used it.

Riiiiight. Sure, you gave it to your “friend.” Whatever.

I decided to give up the chase of making you delete those posts. I don’t expect you to even forgive me.

The chase? You could never get me to delete them anyway. So stop trying. Stop worrying about it. Because every time you email me, you just add to the search engines getting more negative feedback about you to people who happen to search for your name, to find out more about you.

I guess I have been a bit possesive of the thought of making you to delete the posts. That’s why I started the Oinkity last time.

I don’t care. Just go away. And learn how to use the proper words. GO AWAY.

I saw some comments left by my friends in Brunei and their IPs were the same as mine. I have no idea how but in the newspaper, it said everyone had the same IPs…

That’s crap. I don’t believe a word of it. It doesn’t make any sense anyway.

I wish we could start over as friends again, that is, if my stupid hand will not create any more fake identities.

Don’t blame your hand for what YOU are doing. Just stop. Stop emailing me altogether. There is no “starting over as friends again.” NEVER. GO AWAY.

I got a new domain, after doing reward offers at ezyrewards. for once, I earned to keep it.

I wish to compensate for what I’ve done. I’ve decided to try and continue your scripts. I will need your permission to do so first. I plan to enhance Nameless Blog and also Resounding. It will be the only way I can apologise. I can’t help any more. I’ve tried in my PC to make some additional features in Nameless Blog and so far, I’ve managed to have the ability to create categories and delete comments. For Resounding, I managed to let it have a blog for the reviews written. I’m not at all amazed if you refused.

NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION. IF YOU WANT TO WRITE ANY SCRIPTS, DO IT ON YOUR OWN FROM START TO FINISH. DO IT ALL YOUR OWN WORK FROM BEGINNING TO END. PERIOD. LEAVE MY SCRIPTS ALONE. ESPECIALLY RESOUNDING. I don’t even know where you got that one in the first place. It’s not for download. Neither of them are. And besides all that – “continuing my scripts” is not a way to apologize to me, it is completely the opposite. It is not helping. So again, you DO NOT have my permission.

If you want me to pay back for, I am willing to register a domain for you for a one year duration since that’s what you gave me for It can be under your or my name. I don’t care but what’s important is that I want you to have a domain back.

Nope. I don’t trust you. At all. Besides, I have all domains I need right now. JUST GO AWAY.

I’m sorry for emailing but its what I do every Christmas. I always ask for forgiveness if I really know I did something wrong.

I really want to enjoy my Christmas this year and I want you to enjoy yours too. I don’t want to have more enemies. I just want to severe our ties. I just want to start out anew.

If you need me to do anything for you or whatever, I will do it. Free of Charge,. No cost. This is to pay up for the design rip off I did. I’m sorry.

Yes, I enjoyed Christmas just fine. My Christmas did not include you. JUST GO AWAY. JUST GO AWAY. Do you get it yet? Why can you not get it through your thick head? Just leave me alone. Just leave all my friends and family and clients alone. JUST GO AWAY. Surely even in your limited understanding of the English language and grammar, you understand what the words “go away” mean. Am I correct in assuming this? THEN GO AWAY.
Besides all that – you don’t make any sense, to say “I just want to severe our ties” is the complete opposite of “I just want to start out anew.”
As for the design rip-off. I want money. Nothing else. Just money. My PayPal account would be just fine. Send it there. This email address. I’ll keep tabs on it and let you know when you’re all paid up.
I am not your enemy. I am just someone who wants to be left alone. NOW GO AWAY.
My cousin the cop is still on the job, her and her cop friends. They are watching you.


That final “go away” was also red and as large as Gmail could make it.

Why did I respond to her at all? To make it clear that she had under no circumstances any permission to “continue” my scripts or anything like that.

Also, something like 20 minutes after she sent me that first email, she sent another, out to about 15 people that said:

Wishing you a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2006. If I have wronged you or made you offended or even made you mad, I do wish to apologise and I do hope we can still be friends.

Chien Yee

It had a PNG attachment with a puppy on it and it said “Merry Christmas 2005, dearest friends, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, best wishes from Chien Yee.”

So I did not hear from her for a bit and I posted my email address change post. I then realized, when I looked at my stats, that she had access to my site by her non-masked IP address because I’d forgotten to reblock her after upgrading WordPress to 2.0. So I blocked her and am sending all 403’s to a special error page that states basically:

This is a 403 error: a go away and leave me alone!!

Hey. You. Yeah, you, Stalker Girl. This page is for you.

I lied – just a bit. The requested document was found but the server decided that you’re not good enough to see it.

This page is here to simply say: GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Why can you not get it through your thick skull that I don’t want anything to do with you anymore? Why must you keep coming back for more?

Stop emailing me, stop visiting my sites. Stop emailing my friends, family, and clients, stop visiting the sites of my friends, family, and clients. Stop finding me on Flickr. Just. Go. Away.

By the way, all of your information (IP, Browser, ISP, Country, City, etc) were just emailed to me. Yay.

You were trying to load: /
Your browser is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.8) Gecko/20050511 Firefox/1.0.4
Your current IP address is:

I’m talking to you, Boo-boo:

Stalker Girl's Stats

The image comes from Flickr so that it’s not coming from my server and maybe she saw it there first, I don’t know. It’s from my Stat Counter stats. And, yes, it does email me. Anytime someone gets a 403 and loads that page, I get an email saying that someone was trying to load such and such address and their user agent is and their IP is… So I have emails where she’s tried to access my site about 34 times in the last 2 days – at say midnight my time, then ten minutes later, then fifteen minutes later, then six hours later, etc.

Apparently, that all ticked her off, and she emailed me again:

You got the address all wrong you know. Its the same address for everyone in the country. Guess what? I don’t care if you mailed my parents or even spam my mother’s email.

My mom complained to me about you. YES YOU! You or whatever that was emailed her about sending her email to thousands of sites.

I will go away. When I find that I’m sick of you and I am!

Well, I came to it today when my friends told me about your site. They said about stalker girl to me and asked about it so I checked it out. Yeesh.

I don’t go to YOUR friend’s sites. I only go to sites I’ve found through other sites. Sites that I have INTEREST in.

I’m not going to check your site anymore. Its clear that you think I live where I dont. ALL IPS IN HERE ARE THE SAME! JTB just wants to rpotect us from people like you!

Well, I found your IPs. It also changes. Well, I checked my emails sent by you to me using yor Holifieldweb email. I found 5 IPs! How can you explain that? I also have many IPS as you’ve said it but how’d you explain yours?

This is the last email to you. I do not expect even the least of replies. I only expect that you, like usual, will post it out.

I really want to stop but its to tempting to see what you’ll write about me. I always expect that if I emailed you.

I really know that you want to be left alone. I understand that. I want to apologise. I know you’re not my enemy. You’re not mine. I want to stop “stalking” you. I just want to make it over with.

I don’t intend to even go to flickr now except post my own stuff. Why should I see your stuff when I know you’ve blocked me.


Chien Yee
That’s not my muse is mine.

Of course, that last line as as big and as red as Gmail can make it. Like mine. In the last email.

This line: “My mom complained to me about you. YES YOU! You or whatever that was emailed her about sending her email to thousands of sites.” Hahaha. Okay, so we remember that she supposedly gave me her mom’s email address. A while ago, I emailed it to check and see if it was a real address and basically said that’s what I was doing and that if it was a real address a real email would be coming soon. That’s all I did with that address. Until after receiving this email, of course, then I did send that address a decent email telling her to “make your daughter leave me alone.” So we shall see if it really is her mom’s email or not.

The line about all IPs in Brunei being the same? That cracks me up. So EVERY computer in Brunei that’s connected to the internet is going to send out the same IP address, is it? LOL

And about my IPs changing? That’s just crap. She can’t possibly know how to get an IP out of an email, I can’t seem to find one. She probably has, if anything, the first server IP address and maybe this current server’s, and who knows what else. But I know she can’t have mine otherwise she would have blocked me from her site. Hahaha. And besides all that, I never accused her of having different IPs, I accused her of having the same IP – saying that all her personalities that filled out my online forms and commented on my site and did various things all had the same IP. I really think she knows nothing about IP addresses whatsoever. Don’t you?

As for everything else, it sure is interesting how she keeps saying she wants nothing to do with me and wants to leave me alone but just never does. Oh she wants to leave me alone but it’s so interesting to see what I’ll write about her? So how about read but stop emailing me? She tells me to get lost and go away like I’m the one who started all of this.

So I didn’t answer the email and I don’t intend to. Then I think out of desperation to get me to reply, she goes to Sara‘s site and leaves a comment there. Remember when she left a mean comment there before, as her other personality? So she writes again that she’s sorry for that comment. I know she’s trying to get me to respond to her because there was the time she wrote me and I didn’t respond and she went over to a client’s website and posted a comment about one of my sites. That ticked me off and I emailed her angrily.

So I’m not saying anything, let’s see what she does next, because this just can’t be the end. She’s mental. I told her “mother” that, too, “get her some help.”

the craziest two minutes of my life

So I was on the couch with the laptop while E played, I had just said “hi” online to Owen. I decided it might be a good thing to plug the laptop in and got up, walked the four steps towards the chair, and stepped with my bare foot on one of E’s little fire engine men. It hurt like crazy and I almost fell, almost dropped the laptop on the floor after slamming it into the wall/front window. Crisis avoided, I sat down.

E thought it was funny I was in the chair and ran his little two-year-old butt over here and climbed up next to me. As I leaned back into the chair, he crashed his whole body right into me. His head hit the right side of mine and practically busted my glasses. It hurt like heck and it bent the glasses out of shape. Nearly poked me in the eye with the nose piece. Instant headache.

I leaned forward and tried to bend the glasses back into shape. E wimpered for half a second then went behind me and looked out the window. He got down and ran away. I leaned backwards into the chair, once again, without realizing that E had piled behind me the sheer curtains of the living room window. Leaning on them caused them to be just tight enough and the curtain rod came crashing to the ground.


Take it back!

He’s taking back the DVDs I bought him.

I told him he could do with them whatever he wanted, so…


Email address change

Because of my crazy and absolutely nutty Stalker Girl, I have the need to change my personal email address. If you would like my new email address – under no circumstances will I be making it public – please leave a comment here – and be sure to leave your proper email address (it is not displayed anywhere on the site).