@#$^@#$&^ #@$%^&# ! #@*&^# !!!

Grrrr…. my stupid cd rom on this laptop that I have barely had for a month has suddenly and for no reason decided not to work. In fact, I hardly have had to use it, I don’t remember the last time I used it. Late November I think.

Downloading an update for it has done nothing. Uninstalling and reinstalling it has done absolutely nothing. Says there was a problem with the installation and that the device my not work correctly. No crap.

I guess I should have known better. Buying a Compaq again. I’m so stupid sometimes I swear. Now I have to take it back in to Best Buy to get them to fix it, Best Buy, the place I said I’d never set foot in again.

Why am I so dumb? Grrrrrrr…


  1. awe im sorry that suckss about youre cdrom!

  2. oh that sucks!

    I hate compaq! I bought a computer, set it up, booted and shut down. that’s ALL i did. The next day, i turned it on to find “no operating system was found”.

    Yeah, love compaq…NOT!

    I know of a lovely open window if you would like ?

  3. I’ve only heard of bad experiences with Compaqs. They do well for a while, but then they have a meltdown. :(

  4. I’m sorry to hear that Valerie. :( That really sucks! I’ve never had a Compaq but judging by your experience and these comments they really are junk. :( Well, I don’t think you’re dumb, I think we’ve all done something that maybe we shouldn’t hvae, or should have known not to do. You know now that they definitely can’t be trusted. I don’t really know what else to say. Good luck dealing with the Best Buy morons.

  5. Oh no! That’s just not right. :(

  6. oh wow so sorry ..
    that sucks..
    you know i thought that i was in the wrong blog for a minute.
    like it was a foriegn blog with a langauge that my computer was not understanding..
    Then I realized that was you cussing in the title of your post.

  7. Which Version of Windows are you running on it? And pleeeeeease for the love of anything, don’t say Win XP 64…

    As for Compaq’s, actually Compaq makes a pretty good Laptop. Their Desktop PC’s suck, but their laptops are generally pretty good. In fact, that’s what I’ve been using since last Christmas is a Compaq Laptop.

    Back to the Windows thing, the reason I say I hope yer NOT using Win XP 64 is because no one, but NO ONE is making driver’s for 64 because it was a pointless OS in the first place, and most manufacturer’s have decided that since there’s a new one (Visio) coming out in like January (which I have a copy of it and it works pretty good for being a near exact copy of Mac OS X…Doesn’t seem to have any Driver problems.

  8. I really have no idea what XP 64 is. I have XP Home on both computers…??? :-D

  9. ooh! hope it gets sorted out soon! stupid machines computers ;) :O jk!!

  10. i hate when things like that happen, it get me soooo fustrated and you just bought it too!? im sorry about your cd rom! good luck on that! xD


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