Idol Girls Re-Cap

Katherine McPhee – good, but just oh so not spectacular. Doesn’t stand out in my mind one way or another.

Kinnik Sky – you sucked! Hood don’t belong in tha country, honey. And neither do those pants. Oh, besides all that, Gretchen Wilson sucks. Don’t even sing another song of hers again, I beg you.

Lisa Tucker – another one that was okay, but not wonderful. I wouldn’t have chosen that song for her voice. Also, how about we try putting that bra back in your shirt?

Melissa McGhee – “Not bad, I guess,” comments Steve, “I dunno.” I don’t know that country is a good choice for her, but she pulled it off this time. But please don’t start with the fake offended looks when Simon gives you feedback. Ick.

Heather Cox – I’m just not being impressed so far tonight. Another good one, no major problems but just not impressive. She’s starting to show some attitude tonight it seems as well, the “I’m good and I don’t care what anyone else thinks because I cannot be improved upon” attitude.

Brenna Gethers – ugh. We already know I don’t like this one. ;-) “and I think, and I think, and I think…” Well, I think you’re full of yourself. And I think that you should choose a song that doesn’t make you sound so out of breath and that you shouldn’t thrust your hips (it doesn’t look pretty at all), and that you will not compare to the original and that you shouldn’t smile… it freaks me out. Even Elijah just said, “Ohhh pweese!”

Paris Bennett – wonderful job on that song, a little girl with a big voice. It’s not Whitney Houston but then again, that song is quite overdone. A little flat here and there, but pretty good!

Ayla Brown – ohmygosh, please stop curling your hair! And stop wearing those 4″ heels, aren’t you tall enough already? Okay, with that said, the performance was not bad, not spectacular (as seems to be the trend tonight), but certainly not bad.

Kellie Pickler – haven’t we already heard her sing this song?? Deja vu… Anyway, good as far as the song goes but it’s not one that can really show a person’s range or abilities. More on the easy side, I’d say. Cute but doesn’t make me want to vote for her.

Mandisa – definitley the best from tonight and she has my vote. Even Simon said she was the best, what else can I say? (Except she needs a friggin’ last name.)

How many are we getting rid of tonight? Steve says four and in that case, I think that America will kick off Katherine, Kinnik, Ayla, and Heather.