America, you suck.

How could you NOT send home Brenna? PLEASE! (lol) She is so freaking annoying! :-)

More later, I’m sure.

the morning after

Yup, the morning after spending too much money!

Sarah and I went up to St. Louis and hit the mall yesterday. I was in need of clothing to wear to a funeral tomorrow (Friday), as well as another person’s visitation that night. The mother of the head director on our tv committee, etc. has died, she was 99. So for him I’ll be attending the funeral. The other death was Steve’s grandfather’s brother. We will just be attending the visitation for that. Steve says, “what, and go so I can see a bunch of people I don’t know?” His grandfather died in 2001, so…

So I ended up spending way too much money on clothing. However, the really stupid thing out of all of it is that I only bought four items. Dark brown pants for the funeral, nice pants, and a blue shirt. And then I am in BAD need of jeans so a pair of bootleg jeans and then a cute button down, vertical striped shirt. At another store I bought a ton of panties, they make the only brand I really like. But how’s the shirt? Sarah thinks it’s inappropriate for a funeral. :P

Shirt & Jeans

We also hit Bath & Body Works. Around Christmas I bought some of the hand soap and before long I realized it was disappearing faster than I was using it and I said something to Steve like, “are you using my soap?” “Yesssssss, it’s MOISTURIZING!!!!” Like that makes it okay or something. Well, whatever, if he wants his hands to smell like Vanilla, then so be it.
Well, because of this, I went ahead and bought more soap. I also fell for the whole “$5 aromatherapy body wash with any purchase, save $8.” And got the same scented bath bubbles to match. I deserve a bubble bath.

In fact, I deserve one now… ;-)

Where have I been?

create your own visited states map or check out these Google Hacks.

I know, I’m lame.

I was too little to even remember Oklahoma at all and all I remember about Texas was knocking over huge ant hills and then running. I was three for both of those, same trip. There was also something about my 7 month old brother and how he kept putting away graham crackers only it turned out that he wasn’t putting them where Mom thought he was putting them and they were instead all under his butt when we arrived. Of course, maybe I only feel like I remember that story since it’s been told so many times.
And, the Iowa thing, maybe that doesn’t even count. I mean, we were only in there for like 20 minutes as we went up from Missouri into Nebraska.
Kansas? Does it surprise you I’ve never been there? Yeah, me, too. I think that maybe I have been, but I can’t prove it, so…
Louisiana? We were close to going in there as we drove along the Mississippi coast in 2004. Or was it 2001? But Steve got tired and turned around. I wasn’t too happy. :P

So, apparently it’s 21% of the states I’ve been to. Why does it seem to be less than that?

Just so frustrating

I may have to reformat the desktop again, it sucks so bad. It refuses to recognize my external hard drive at all now. Luckily I was able to get all my files off while it was working. But then, just as I suspected, once I restarted the computer it was gone again. Plus, sometimes when restarting it, it hangs with a black screen on startup. It wouldn’t be so bad, I guess, if it were the laptop, but the desktop is the “main frame” of the network. *sigh*

a peek into where I live

People who have never been here assume I live out in the middle of nowhere. And, well, when compared to New York city or LA or even St. Louis… yeah, I do. :) People comment that I’m always driving somewhere… I am! I always say we’re within a half an hour of everything. So…

This is what our highways (not interstates) look like:

Highway 32

This is what most of our roads look like:

Zell Road

And a lot of them even look like this!

Zell Road

Gobble, gobble, gobble!!!