Stupid stuff we used to do when we were younger -or- Barnyard Animals

A good friend of mine posted in her MySpace blog today about something we did when we were younger, well, a few things really. It cracks me up because the main thing she’s talking about I so don’t even remember at all.

Since I am not sure how MySpace permalinks work, or want to link to my MySpace for that matter (haha), here’s what she posted:

Theme Spam

A few days ago, I had three or instances of this and today I logged into find five more: theme spam.

In other words, I’m getting sites listed in my incoming links section of my WordPress dashboard that are things like this:

Dashboard & Link/Theme Spam

Visiting these sites I discover that they’re all using that stupid theme I created and allowed the wonderful public to have. (Also on the interesting list is another site that has taken my theme and has it for download… interesting. Seriously, I wish I knew what I was thinking when I created that theme, I must have had a brain tumor or something.)

So, weird? Or is my theme just spammer-friendly?

The Legend of Zorro… Kind of…

We are watching the Legend of Zorro that we rented from Redbox inside our McDonald’s and it SUCKS. Not the movie, no, what we can see of it is good, but the DVD itself. It keeps stopping and then skipping. So I’ve missed quite a bit.

But, you know, I wasn’t going to rent this in the first place but it was what Sarah wanted. I also got Casanova, but we haven’t watched it yet, and I would have liked to get Flight Plan but she wanted this. And I hate it when people do this to me. They get me to rent a movie and then we sit down and start watching it, start answering my gasps of horror with, “don’t worry, she doesn’t die!” And I have to say, “wait – you’ve seen this before?” Well, yeeeeaaaaahhh, they tell me, and I’ve got to start getting all flabbergasted and asking why in the heck did we rent it then? That annoys me.

So I’m apparently the only one in this house that hasn’t seen this movie before and slowly the audience is drifting away.

This movie reminds me, a lot, however, of The Mummy Returns. I wonder why that is… hmmm… ;-)

Time for Casanova!

Actually… I have sat here with the laptop not doing anything but chatting with Christine and watching that movie… it’s quite amusing. Of course, maybe I only think this because I am in love with Heath…

This is rediculous though, I have a fair in the morning – an eaaarrly fair… I’m going to be so tired… Why do I do this to myself?

Stuff on my desk

Heehee! See my desk on!

Yes, I agree that the shelving is quite out of place, I can’t wait to get rid of the old printer so I can move the shelving off the desk!

Well, I don’t have a cat, so… :)

Anyway, the original photos:

Current Configurations New Desk Setup.

If you’re nice enough, I might take photos of the desk in ultra-messy stage. But, you know, since I rarely ever sit there anymore and do most of my working and surfing from the living room now… fat chance. :D

Family drama… it never ends

Without getting into great detail, I’m going to try and offer some background on this post, however, if you are really interested in the background, please read my previous posts: September 15, 2005 & December 2, 2005.

My grandfather’s wife died quite undexpectedly in September of last year. She had two daughters from previous relationships. N was about a year older then me in school and V is somewhere around Steve’s age, maybe a few years older. Both at the time were married each with a little girl. However, when my step-grandma died, many things came to light such as N’s running around on her husband while he was in the hospital dying of leukemia. Both the girls were drama queens at the funeral (see the Sept post above) and even before their mom died, they were asking my grandpa for things. Now, my grandpa is pretty well off – he can have whatever he wants – he’s worked hard in his life to be where he is. Well, we’ve all come to the conclusion that his wife was giving those girls more money than he ever knew. The way they’re acting now about all of this – she must have been supporting most of their livelyhoods.

Well, here’s the more recent drama with this bunch…