The Mercy Room

This book was recommended to me by… someone, or something, I don’t remember, and it made its way to my wishlist. I bought it last week without much thought, it arrived yesterday, and I finished it this morning. It’s quite short, really, only 145 pages with approximately 12pt font.

I think there are three words I could use to describe this book: sad, hollow, and cryptic.

On one hand, I felt that it was completely boring and devoid of all emotion, but on the other… I couldn’t put it down. In the third paragraph, you are greeted with the first occurrence of the “f-word.” It’s not that I can’t handle that of course, it was that it was totally unexpected and seemed to set the tone for the whole book. The story is told in first-person, but it’s a novel by a guy born in the 1960’s, so it’s not a true story nor is it told from the viewpoint of the author, just from the viewpoint of the main character who, to the readers, remains not only nameless but sexless (as in gender).

at the ATM

The night of Saturday, May 13, in preparation for leaving for Kentucky the next morning, I had to make two deposits and a withdrawl at the ATM at our bank in town. I had to deposit money from the fair to pay Little Light‘s credit cards and deposit Steve’s vacation time check and an insurance reimbursement check and get some cash for us to get gas and ice in the morning.

As I pulled up to the ATM, my window was going down and I was pulling out LL’s debit card. I suddenly noticed a man in front of me, about 20-30 feet away, walking across the parking lot from my left to right. He was looking at me and he stopped directly to my right, about 30 feet from my vehicle. It was nearly 10pm and my heart kind of froze for a bit. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing and I just kind of stared at him for what felt like an eternity, trying to figure out what to do. There was no one else around.


I took a nap this afternoon in a vain attempt to get rid of that headache. While I was sleeping, I had a strange dream, and I realized something… I’ve had a lot of these dreams lately. While they are not identical, they all seem to carry a basic theme with some likenesses/similarities.

Every one of these dreams has a mall theme, and Sarah and I start out with some leisurely shopping but before long end up trying to get away from someone. This someone is always different, never anyone specific, often appears out of nothingless (ie no conflict, just all the sudden we are running). The rooms are never the same and they are quite strange, not your typical mall-setup, almost like an abstract view, very obstacle-course-like. We always end up getting out of the mall only to be running away in another setting, today that was my parents’ driveway. I was trying to back the Jeep out, but it had a trailer hooked to it and it was turned funny, when the psycho came out the front door.

Then I wake up.

I don’t really get it – I have been having dreams with this theme a lot lately. A lot. I wonder if this means anything. Maybe I’ve got a brain tumor. :P

So, you, anything like this ever?

headaches suck.

I think I’m finally resolved to say that I must be getting migraine headaches. I’ve always had headaches, quite often, too. Though over the last few years it seems I’ve had many really bad ones. Bad ones that are affected by light, sound, and make me sick all over.

I’ve woken up with this headache about three times today already. So far medicine has done nothing either… except to make me feel sick to my stomach since I stupidly took it on an empty one. I feel pretty much useless right now…

So now I count the minutes until I can lay E down for a nap and try another one myself…

What do you do for headache relief?

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

I present to you a little virtual card containing one of my photographs taken in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis Co, MO. An unknown soldier’s grave.

Happy Memorial Day!