The Definition of “Frustrating”

Frustrating defined: getting emails (real emails, not spam) that are not in English when you know no other languages.

I got these two emails from the same person today. It appears that one was sent before they finished writing and then started again with the second. Anyway, the online translator is having a time with this* and I still don’t quite understand it. Can anyone lend a hand? It’s either Portuguese or Spanish, I guess… ???

Me gustaria encontrar la conexion doria con Suramenrica, vivo en Colombia

Me gustaria encontrar la conexion del apellido Doria en suramerica, vivo en Colombia, en este pais estan radicados los apellidos Doria en Popayan (Cauca) y el el Departamento de Sucre Since

This happens to me quite a bit when chatting with my non-English speaking cousins on MSN. I end up translating back and forth and they tend to write not using the appropriate accent marks and what have you. Thankfully I leaned rather quickly that though “bebe” means “it drinks,” she meant “bebé” – baby! Boy, was I confused…

Thanks everyone!


So Tuesday night was my night out with Mom to go to The Muny. It’s an outdoor theater in St. Louis that has shows all summer long. Good stuff, too, full productions. If you’re interested in history, they have their history somewhere on that site I just linked to, at least click it once and see the ariel picture they’ve got on there. And all my photos are tagged muny.

Waiting Daisies and Other Greenery at the Muny Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.

Aida Anyway, ever since I got married, my mom has tried to take me and my sister (different nights) out to the Muny at least once. We’ve done it every year except last year. In previous years, I’ve seen Singing in the Rain (2000), A Chorus Line (2002), Showboat (2003), Cats (2004), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (2004)… and I guess I’m missing one that I would have seen in 2001. I guess it could have been My Fair Lady, but I don’t know… maybe we missed that year, too?

Well, anyway, last Tuesday night was my night with Mom and we saw Elton John & Tim Rice’s Aida. Now, I had never even heard of this before Mom said we were going. And, apparently, they didn’t write the story, but the music. I figured this out when I saw that The Muny also hosted this show in 1928 (they list all their shows and years in the programs). No, apparently it was written and first performed in 1871 (via Wikipedia). And, wow, that Wikipedia article tells you anything you might want to know. ;-)

Oh, now I get it

I now understand why my great-grandparents called each other Mother and Daddy, why my parents kinda did the same thing (Mom and Dad when we were little and sometimes now).

Elijah and I are currently arguing about whether or not my husband’s name is “Daddy” or “Stephen.”



He walked up to me and said, “Stephen at work?”

I was caught off guard. “Yes…. No, wait, Daddy’s at work!”






I guess I lose…

e900 again

Well, as you may already know, my camera finalllllllllllly arrived Tuesday afternoon. I was taking E out to play in the backyard and there it was, leaning up against the back of the house, I hadn’t even heard the mail lady drive up like I usually do. Doesn’t matter, I’m a happy camper.

I am really loving this camera, most specifically, the natural light feature, since I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and figure out all the manual settings yet. Maybe I can do that in a bit. But the natural light feature attempts to take a photo not using a flash when normally you’d need one, as the light is too low. So you get a photo that’s not so blown out by a flash yet not too dark or blurry, either.

Without getting into a lot of detail, but in comparison to my old camera (which Steve has indeed now claimed), it’s macros are better: closer and more detailed, it’s easier to hold and control, the zoom is farther and retains clearer longer, the video has sound and is a lot better quality, and, very important: it’s fast to turn on and be ready for shots and fast to store them, etc.

The biggest problem I’m running into so far is with filenames. It started out numbering them as 0001, 0002, etc. (Folder on the memory card 100) but when I put in the 1 Gig card, I apparently had taken one photo on it with the old camera to make sure it worked and so that formatted that. When I put it in the new camera, it started it’s numbering with folder 101 and numbers like 4083, 4084, etc. So, both the new and old cameras are numbering from the same spot now and when I was unloading some photos today, one number conflicted with the photo I had taken of the new camera with the old camera. Make sense? So I’m not sure what to do about that yet.

But anyway… here are some photos I’ve taken with the new camera. I have some more to upload yet from last night and today.

Hydrangea This is a bundle of flowers on my hydrangea plant. This thing has always been hard to get photos of, it’s usually shaded and surrounded by rose bushes so it’s hard to get a shot with good lighting and/or set up a tripod for help, etc. But with the natural light feature… here’s what we get. :-)

Gladiola This is a gladiola in my side box. Actually, I didn’t even know these were there until they started to bloom. I must have planted them several years ago when I planted various different things and they waited until now to come up.

Gladiola This is the same group of flowers, not a crop, though, just a closer shot. It’s not perfectly in focus all over but at normal viewing, it’s not noticeable, and any fuzziness is very soft anyway.

Rose of Sharon This is one of my neighbor’s Rose of Sharons. I have taken photos of these before, last August, but I couldn’t resist this time. This one has a very small focus point, if you want to see what I mean, you’ll need to check out the original image. It’s focused more towards the base of the stamen (I think that’s the right word).

In case of accidental bonding of skin with laptop, call 911 immediately, then cry like a baby

Well, I was close, but thankfully didn’t. However, I did send a big blop of super glue on the back of the laptop that proceeded to take a bit of the black off of where it landed when I wiped it up with a paper towel. But, also thankfully, it did not seep into the fan or any open holes/ports. However, there is a screw I don’t think I’ll be getting out for a long time.

Lesson learned: super glue and laptops do not mix.

No pictures, please. She feels stupid enough as it is.

Next time, just harrass HP to send more and more and more of those little rubber feet instead of attempting to hold onto the ones you’ve got.