In case of accidental bonding of skin with laptop, call 911 immediately, then cry like a baby

Well, I was close, but thankfully didn’t. However, I did send a big blop of super glue on the back of the laptop that proceeded to take a bit of the black off of where it landed when I wiped it up with a paper towel. But, also thankfully, it did not seep into the fan or any open holes/ports. However, there is a screw I don’t think I’ll be getting out for a long time.

Lesson learned: super glue and laptops do not mix.

No pictures, please. She feels stupid enough as it is.

Next time, just harrass HP to send more and more and more of those little rubber feet instead of attempting to hold onto the ones you’ve got.

In other news, my laptop’s fan has started buzzing again, very loudly and strangely at times. I guess it’s going to have to get sent into Compaq/HP, which really sucks. It’s still buzzing when on the chill mat even and also after I have sprayed out dust with the can of air. I’m gonna cry.