The Definition of “Frustrating”

Frustrating defined: getting emails (real emails, not spam) that are not in English when you know no other languages.

I got these two emails from the same person today. It appears that one was sent before they finished writing and then started again with the second. Anyway, the online translator is having a time with this* and I still don’t quite understand it. Can anyone lend a hand? It’s either Portuguese or Spanish, I guess… ???

Me gustaria encontrar la conexion doria con Suramenrica, vivo en Colombia

Me gustaria encontrar la conexion del apellido Doria en suramerica, vivo en Colombia, en este pais estan radicados los apellidos Doria en Popayan (Cauca) y el el Departamento de Sucre Since

This happens to me quite a bit when chatting with my non-English speaking cousins on MSN. I end up translating back and forth and they tend to write not using the appropriate accent marks and what have you. Thankfully I leaned rather quickly that though “bebe” means “it drinks,” she meant “bebé” – baby! Boy, was I confused…

Thanks everyone!