Why DHL Sucks

I’m so ticked at these people right now, it’s incredible. My camera was shipped from Amazon.com in Nevada Saturday the 17th of June. DHL’s website claims you can send out packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Packages move on the weekends, even the US Postal Service moves mail on weekends, even if you don’t get delivery but Monday through Friday, the mail is moving on the weekends.

Looking at DHL’s webpage, by their own description of their services, I should have had my camera in my hands Thursday the 22nd, Friday at latest.

So what I want to know is why did the tracking say for Saturday through Thursday that the camera was sitting in a sorting facility in Fresno, CA? Friday morning, the tracking finally changed to say it was in Wilmington, OH, another sorting facility. So… my camera went from Nevada to California where it sat for several days before overshooting me by over 400 miles and sitting in Ohio for a couple of days?

Today is Saturday the 24th. According to tracking info, my camera is still in Ohio.

census records are cool

1930 Census for Jesse and Dorothy Easter I’ve been going through some census records this morning. I know what you’re thinking, “you’re crazy, why would you want to go through census records?” Simply put, I’m a genealogist – I like to study my family’s history.

So, anyway, I found the record from 1930 of my great-grandparents, on my mom’s side. Actually, I’m looking at this now, and wondering why I didn’t have it before today, but that’s beside the point.

It’s interesting to me, some of the information on these things. 1930 is the most recent you can get (in the US anyway) and it mostly records what 1900-1920 do.

So this morning I learned that in 1930, my great-grandparents were living in town, renting for only $12 a month.

Wow. I wish our mortgage was $12 a month. :-) My, how times have changed since then.


The other day I got a phone call from a guy who said he was from ATT. The callerID was blocked. I could not understand half the things he was saying but from what I did understand, he was saying that my speed on my DSL could go even faster, and he’d like to check and see if that was possible on my line. Um, okay, whatever. He comes back and says that it is, and before he could try to pitch me anything I hit him with the basic “so how much would it cost me?” He said something like, “you’re paying $39.99 a month now, right?” NOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOoo, I had to say, it’s supposed to be $24.something. He seemed confused, said he’d call me back, and good-bye. I’ve not heard back. That was Tuesday or Wednesday. Looking at my bill online… it says $38.26 for DSL. I figured our bill was up higher last month because we’d gone over our long distance or something. Guess not. They’re going to be getting a phone call from me later today.

he don’t got no belly button

Elijah has this really cool Veggie Tales DVD. It looks like a record and when you play it, you choose the songs like on a juke box, then it plays them in the order you picked – or you can do a random selection. He loves this DVD and it has songs on it from shows we’ve never seen before. There are two I absolutely love. I was able to find one of these on YouTube and thought I’d share it with y’all…

I can’t find the other one, the one that’s playing now. It’s the SUV song, and it’s Elijah’s favorite. It’s so cute, it goes, “ohhh, you and me, in our sport utility vehicles, we’ll slam into four wheel drive, for a scoop of rocky road, and if we ever go camping…. and if we find a ranger in a ditch, then we could be the heroes, oh we could be the heros…” Okay, so I can’t type that fast. But you get the idea, it’s adorable. “I like your car… I like yours, too… Is it a Jeep? It’s my Sport Utility Vehicle…” And the song ends with Elijah yelling, “OH THE JEEP!”