Fun at the Bonne Terre Mines

Today was Christine and Rich‘s first day up here. I picked them up at their hotel this morning and attempted to show them around town without being too boring, then we headed out for our first attraction of the week: The Bonne Terre Mines. (This was, of course, after a short stop at Walmart to get E a new shirt thanks to his puking on the one he was wearing… I still don’t get what that was about.)

The mines hold a special place for me. When they opened, my great-great-great-grandfather moved to the area and worked in them. His son worked in them. And his son worked in them, as a machinist, not a miner. Then his son, my grandfather, got the heck out of there. Well, either way, we had three generations working in the mines.

This was the third time I’ve been in them, as far as I’m aware, but only the second time on the boat part of the tour. I think I was pretty little the first time we went through there. This was E’s first time through, too, of course.

Well, despite the incredible heat and 78% humidity today, we had a good time. The 62° weather underground was very nice, and too shortly lived. So, here are some pics!

Miner's City Deep Earth Outfitters In the Mines On the Billion Gallon Lake in the Mines Full Tanks Only
I wish my pictures in the mine were better. Looking now, I should have been using both hands to shoot (when I could, not when holding E) and I probably should have changed the settings a bit. Too bad. Oh well!

I almost feel like I’m on vacation, too! Tomorrow, we go south! ;-)