More Touristy Fun

It has been a long, fun-filled weekend. We’ve had so much fun with Christine and Rich, doing all things touristy around here. As I posted last time, on Thursday we went to the Bonne Terre Mines, Friday we went to Tower Rock, all-things Cape Girardeau, and Saturday we went to St. Louis and toured the Anheuser-Busch brewery and The St. Louis Arch.

Tower Rock Tower Rock is south of me, north of Cape Girardeau, MO, closest to Altenburg, MO, in the middle of the Mississippi River. It is just simply a huge rock, about 90 feet above the surface of the water, a natural wonder, documented and discussed by Lewis and Clark, etc. We first went up to the overlook and while we were up there, my poor little boy was stung by a wasp. I saw it coming but wasn’t quick enough – it landed on his arm and he immediately put his hand over it. If it hadn’t been for that, I would have wanted to get right down to the water later. I really want to approach the rock, but I don’t know how deep the water was there. It was all for the best though, because as we were leaving then, a storm blew in. Pretty good storm, too, there were reports of tornadoes and hail, etc.

Elijah and Cape Rock Memorial Later we ended up at Cape Rock in Cape Girardeau, also with my sister-in-law and niece. Apparently, this used to be a large rock jutting out into the river, but is now gone. There’s only a memorial and a great view of the river now.

But we had great fun, of course. Elijah even got to see a train as it went by, below us, between us and the river. He was very exited. All he has talked about the last several days is trains and “train traps.”

After Cape Rock, we went to the riverfront in downtown Cape Girardeau to show off the murals on the flood walls. I was very sad, however, to see the oldest mural is now gone. I’m told they plan on re-doing it, bigger and better… but why not just paint new ones? It’s not like they have a shortage of wall to use…

We ended the day with hanging at Morgan’s for a while then back to my house for some NES. :-)

Old Courthouse From Above Saturday was our day to head to St. Louis. This time Steve was able to join us and we went for a tour of the Anheuser-Busch brewery (world headquarters) and then the Arch. We had plans for the zoo and maybe some other things afterward, but the Arch was so busy it took us forever to leave there, and by that time, everyone was hungry.

The brewery was interesting for sure and we took lots of photos. I was disappointed in one thing, however. For years I’ve been told by my dad and uncles that there was a picture of two policemen in the street, busting up beer barrels, with people watching in the backround and that one of those people was my grandfather. So I’ve been wanting to go and find that photo and at least get a photo of it. Sadly, I did not find it. The girl at the front desk advised me to call 1800 call bud or something like that. So I guess I should do that soon.

The Arch, as I mentioned before, was incredibly busy. We had to wait over an hour and a half from ordering the tickets to go upstairs. During this time, we messed around in the museum and general area of the Arch. I’ve been through that museum so many times though, all I could seem to concentrate on was taking photos. And Elijah decided he was scared of the puppets at the kids’ show, so that was a no-go. But once we got up in the Arch – 600 and some-odd feet off the ground – he decided he was having the time of his life and didn’t want to leave. I took all sorts of photos, “normally” and trying out my new lenses (wide angle and telephoto) and was even able to manage three panoramas from the bunch.

St. Louis Panorama Old Courthouse Panorama Illinois & Mississippi River Panorama